Excitement in the Hood Last Night

Excitement in the hood last night! I was driving out and saw a half dozen cars on the next street over, plainclothes 5-0 stepping out, guns drawn and going into a home on Vantage. I turned my car around and an unmarked car is instantly at my side, officer out, gun drawn, asking me to show my hands. “Why’d you turn around?” he asked.  Because I just want to go to the store, not a gunfight at the O.K. Corrall.

I posted it on Facebook and got some hilarious comments.

Stan Lewis Sounds like DC..

Wendy Wenderful America, land of the free.

Lounge-a Rama Were you packing?

Lisa Carlisle
The freaks come out at night
Discos don’t open till after dark
And it ain’t till twelve till the party really starts
And I always had to be home by ten
Right before the fun was about to begin

…The Freaks Come Out at NightSee More

Becky White Gee, I thought you were doing another one of your fun stories! :}

Pam Partridge Jacobs Be very careful and watchful on your midnight neighborhood strolls!

Sandy Godwin Roberts I’m with Becky — can we keep the story goin’??.…”and then he said, step out of your car, I’m gonna have to cuff you for your own safety, and do a complete body frisk…come with me, said the dark, handsome police officer…and she said….yeeeeeeeesssssssss! ?” :)))

Susan Springer I hear they have big night sticks

Lisa Carlisle AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!

Sandy Godwin Roberts Oh!!, and she said….“Officer, is that a nightstick you’re carrying, or are you just real happy to see me?…”

Hal Christopher Salter Sorry I’m late, is this the group porn scripting class? Do we just jump in or do I have to raise my hand?

Karen Williamson And he said, “It’s my banana I was going to have for a snack later”.

Sandy Godwin Roberts ?:))))) Snack time! (we’re so bad — Goddess, don’t be angry!) ?

Lisa Carlisle Halt if you want to make it out alive raise your hand!!!

Sandy Godwin Roberts ?…and the Beatles in the background singing….”Happiness…is a warm gun…yes it is, mamma!” ?

Shante Powders Inquiring minds want to know? What was going on in your hood? Did the raccoons raid a refrigerator? : )

Terri McNeely was it Officer Nick or Officer Carlos??? Sassy wondered.

Becky White I vote for Sandy to finish this story! :} She’s on a ROLL !!!!

Sandy Godwin Roberts oh, all riiiiight!!! “…just then, they heard a call on the 2-way radio, all units, all units…officer in trouble…need all units to respond…” and just then, he looked at her, and said, Ma’am, we’ll have to continue this some other time….and just like that….he was gone….

Becky White That’s it?!?!?!?! LOLOLOLOL :}

Debbie J Jones OMG it must be police night! I go to turn down my street and there were 4 cop cars. I went up and asked (being the dumb sweet neighbor I am)…I guess it was a high speed chase…it looked like the car had knocked the neighbor’s mailbox………no one was hurt, they told me, thank God for that!

Miroslav Posavec Y’all need to move to a better neighborhood.

Susan Springer hmmmm… where are the handcuff when you need them?

Bekki Shanklin I’d have told him that it was to get downwind of them b/c I’d pooped my pants!

Bekki Shanklin I prefer my purple leather cuff over cold steel.. but I’ve stopped carrying them in the car w me.. LOLOLOLOL

Cynthia Crawford  My heart was hammering against my chest as I said,”I just wanted to inow what was going on.” “That’s none of your concern, Miss, if I were you, I’d leave.” I did as I was told and high tailed it back towards the house. then I noticed a b…right light behind me, nearly blinding me. i didn’t like the feel of the situation, so I made a circle around a street, going past my house. the car followed me. I knew I had to get away. but where? the nearest police station was God only knows where. And the fire station wasn’t close either.

Bekki Shanklin that’s when it’s good to call 911 to find out what to do next? always good to call for direction.. and then an occifer would have come to guide you home.. yes?

Patricia L Bell Good Lord you girls are awful! Poor Andrea she was almost under arrest in her own neighborhood, shame, shame! Now for the best joke of the night. Who is the most popular guy at the nude beach?…. The guy carrying two cups of coffee and ten doughnuts! lol sorry you had trouble near you house Andrea.

Bekki Shanklin we had migrant workers living behind us that used to fire their guns all night during holidays.. when we redid our roof, we could have opened an ammo store.. sheesh..

Denise Marr You just could not have stayed home you had to go out and cause trouble in the neighborhood. I knew you were coming over to lock my door were’nt you??

Denise Marr I had 5 of them at IHOP tonight too! Read my wall blog! I knew we both have the same fun..

Carol Smith  Wow… I tuned in just at the right time! I needed a good chuckle before going to bed — although not sure I really want to close my eyes on this last thought of the guy with the coffee and donuts!

Perry Roberts Whoops wrong channel. LOL

Theresa Hudson That woulda scared the b-jeebies outta me pal! I’m so glad you’re ok! Good thing you are protected…

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