Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

meditation-altar-signI’ve moved computers and financial docs into living room, which is the most inside, multi walled room. We stocked up on kitty supplies at 3am in an almost empty Walmart. Lawn furniture is in or secured, shutters look good. Coupled with the burglar bars, the windows feel protected. Roof is new as of 2005. I opted to stay at my place rather than a friend’s since (1) I’ll likely be awake all night without sleeping and (2) with all my familiar things and projects around me, even in the dark I have many choices of things to do while I’m up all night long. At his place, although his home is a newly built concrete fortress with city water on high ground a block away, I wouldn’t have my projects and Benny would be in a crate. At my place I can do familiar things like yoga in front of the meditation altar. Glance through my library and see what book I haven’t read for awhile. I like seeing familiar things around me, especially under stormy and uncertain conditions. I don’t feel at all nervous about staying. I know it will be a long night, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning with it roaring all day and into the evening or into even Saturday morning. I’ll figure out how to tune the little weather radio in case I run out of charge for the phone. Saying big prayers to FPL for their quick response to outages. I’m ready.

5:00PM NHC Advisory

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