Potbound; expanding to fill my space

From Mike Dooley’s Notes From The Universe“Do you know what happens the instant I become a brand new “someone”?  You know, the moment I begin to play, grow, and become more than I was, within the jungles of time and space? I feel alone, disconnected, like I’m missing something. Even though I’m none of those things.  And neither are you.

At Unity of Melbourne today, Rev, Beth Head talked about allowing ourselves to get potbound, and how fragile we can feel as we are moving from one pot to another.  How precarious it can feel as our roots dangle openly in the air and we long to be once again contained in the security of a pot.  Just like Mike Dooley wrote up there, “feeling alone, disconnected, like we’re missing something.”

So now  I am freeing my pot-bound self. My roots have dangled scarily free and now it’s time for the new pot. Am I ready?

Or have I just become aware of how I have grown to fit my little pond?  Is it necessary to jump into a bigger pond in order to grow beyond where I am now?  Or is it enough to simply expand my perception of where I am now, in order to have the expanded experience of where I am now?

So I’ve been entertaining the idea of stepping into a bigger pond.  I thought one step would be to begin looking for another home on a few private wooded acres.  I love where I live now but have been thinking about a change.

I know from past history that I will expand to fill whatever space I find myself in.  Downsizing doesn’t freak me out and expanding doesn’t freak me out.  I know I always seem to somehow make it work, and everything always falls into place synchronistically.

If I want to be more than I am now, I need to give myself space to do that, and be in a space that allows that.  I need to leave a lot of empty, white space for the Universe to delight me with the filling of.  And leaving empty white space extends to my mind, as I begin to envision myself in the new space, in the new life.

I mean, this life is working well, that’s how I can tell I am ready for an upgrade.  I’m too happy and comfortable as things are right now *smile*  Isn’t that always how it works?  Actually, it is.  Because when you’re content, you have no resistance.  And when you release resistance: instant manifestation.

But we have to create the space for it.  We have to provide the environment for it.  Just like in meditation: we have to quiet our mind to provide an empty environment, so Spirit can impress guidance upon us.

I’m feeling guided to prepare myself for repotting.  I’m ready.

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