I get called onto the scene of the tornado, to be an unknowing prayer chaplain

Monday December 1, 2008 We had a little tornado run through our neighborhood yesterday. It even made the news when it damaged dozens of homes in Holiday Park, a mobile home community 3 miles. It also set the scene for much synchronicity.  First of all, the night before my friend Denise dreamed that there was a tornado at Jupiter and Emerson and that she was chasing around trying to find her mother in it.  She awoke feeling disconcerted and it took a moment to shake off and go back to sleep. Sunday afternoon suddenly the power went out at home. It had been pretty windy off and on for about an hour, so I figured something got knocked down and it would be back on soon. Two hours later it was not, so at 3:33pm I called Francis across the street to ask about plugging into his garage. I could see he had power as his front porch light was on; he and I are on different grids. He said he’d be home in an hour so, to kill time, I drove up to Home Depot to buy a couple of power strips. Home Depot is located on Malabar Road at Holiday Park Blvd.

I had driven the back way in (which was good) and as I pulled into the Home Depot parking lot, the force of the wind made me hydroplane for a moment, and the rain was coming down like splashes on the windshield followed by abrupt heavy gusts of wind. It had a sudden loudness to it and I thought, “this must be what it’s like to drive in a hurricane.” I continued into the parking lot and was about to turn down an aisle when I saw the line of maybe 30 shopping carts moving, and moving fast. I saw the line of employees standing outside under the awning watching it all unfold before them.

I sat in the car for a moment wondering if an umbrella would do me any good, I don’t mind getting wet, and I did some prayers for whoever was in the path of the shopping carts and for anyone else in the area that was having weather happening. But then almost as quickly as it came, the winds came down and the rain became normal rain again.

Power was restored about 8:00pm and when I checked my email, my brother told me about the storm so I went to Florida Today online and found the story about the tornado. I thought about the synchronicity.

Had I known there was a tornado in the area, would I have driven up to Home Depot, 3 miles away, to be right in it? No.

Had I not seen the line of shopping carts being moved by the wind, would I have said any prayers at that moment in the location? No. I don’t really do much praying in the parking lot at Home Depot.

So I figure the Universe called me out there under the pretense of buying power strips, to get me on the scene. And it tricked me into praying because it always knows I end with a prayer for my self, my community, my state, my country, all countries, all peoples.

So I felt kind of honored, as though I was the prayer chaplain assigned to take that call and pray on the scene for that storm. Neat. Even if I did have to be tricked into it.

And I think Denise’s mom will listen to her dreams from now on.

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