Plumbers friends have recommended to me for Palm Bay, FL

plumber wrench plungerThis morning I wrote on Facebook, “Who can recommend a plumber in Palm Bay, FL? I’m on a septic system. One slow flushing toilet yesterday, today the other one also a slow flush. Heard a sucking sound in toilet #2 a minute after toilet #1 was flushed, opened it and saw the water had drained out of the bowl. I’ll plunge but want a referral to a plumber.” An hour later I went to Home Depot for a new plunger and Carl in the plumbing dept said from what I told him — and he asked several questions for details — I don’t have a clog but may want to check the filter. I had the grey tank rejuvenated in 2011 and the black tank pumped out about the same time. I came home from Home Depot and both are working fine. I got lots of referrals to plumbers, however, and here they are with contact info if I have it:  

Bob Moletteire recommended AJ Minotti.

WRL recommended Roto Rooter. They charge extra for weekend appointments but they don’t tell you that when they ask what day you would like them to come.

Tod McNeal suggested Steve Roper 321-504-7867

Denise Marr recommended Chris Ronan 321-735-2202

Karen Stresau suggested Gatell

Joan Crutcher said I love Robert DiBenedetto 321-216-1679 or 321-956-1102  This guy fixes everything!

Pam Campbell Al the plumber 1-908-448-7622

Youre welcome sunshine flowerPer my corner neighbor Horace, call Frankie at 321-427-7566

Per my across the street neighbor Francis, HH Plumbing 321-255-7397.  Co-incidentally they’ll be at his home tomorrow morning. If I still have a problem then, they’ve kept time open for me.

Space coast plumbing  Jake 321-725-5996

Muraiha Rose Jim Carroll Plumbing. (321) 302-2131 (she knows son Jacob)

I did this post so I can be sure to find the names if I need them in the future.  Now you can, too.

Lincoln Brown said if the septic tank needs emptying, Pence Septic is the company to call He said two years is recommended for servicing. It might also be that your stack tubes on your roof that vent the system may be plugged. Cuban tree frogs love to do that. That’s why it’s wise to cover them with screen and secure the screen over the openings.

Upon Linc’s advice, I contacted Pence and for $365 they will pump out both my tanks on Friday!

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