Please pray for some Cassadaga friends

angels cryingCassadaga friends: mutual friends tell me Victor’s been posting on his public Facebook accusing his sister of wrongdoing in their dad’s death, saying a $400,000 bond was ordered by the court because there’s a question of integrity. A probate bond is standard when someone challenges a will as Vic is doing. The amount ordered is a percentage of the assets, nothing to do with integrity. It’s math.  Victor does not know the law. He cites inapplicable law out of context. He said they were in family court and the judge heard criminal allegations. It’s a Probate matter and that’s not how Probate court works. He fabricated what happened in court.  He was instructed to stop.

He accused his sister of hiding bank accounts, but bank accounts are easily found by Social Security number. It was when he accused her of pulling a Kevorkian that I reached out to Victor, my friend of 20+ years, to give him a heads up in private conversation that he was opening himself up to legal action for slander. His wife responded to leave him alone. I tried again, she responded again. I can only think it’s Vic’s grief causing him to act hateful and shame his father’s memory by the spin he’s giving on FB.  You can challenge a will without lying, bullying, alleging criminal conduct and intimidating with threats. I have known Victor 20+ years, the sister and wife 15. I haven’t talked to any of them in years. Prayer is powerful, pray with me for this situation.

May 1 update: I’ve been told Victor has deactivated his FB page so he’s on the mend or he’s been ordered to, it doesn’t matter which. His wife has a joint FB page with him. I’m blocked from their numerous pages. I’m sure it’s because we’ve known each other for years and that I know this is not who they want to be. When you work in the realm of Spirit as we do, we know the importance of maintaining complete honesty and control over our emotional body. If we do not, we can be unduly influenced by the troubled thoughts of those around us.  When that happens, troubled things begin happening in our own lives. When we realize the connection, we take steps to prevent that in our own life.  We know to keep our own emotional body strong with daily practice so we have the tools to do the work we do. When we let ourselves get rundown, we open the doorway to that astral plane of illusion where we don’t see circumstances and events clearly. We take things personally as we perceive imagined wrongs, we accuse family and friends of shameful acts and don’t realize until later what we’re doing. When we’re in it, we’re in it good. When we can jolt ourselves back to center even for a moment, we can begin to get ourselves under control and out of emotional crisis.  Prayer is powerful, pray with me for this situation.

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1 thought on “Please pray for some Cassadaga friends

  1. Gail McLarty

    They leave a vile feeling in the air, and are going to drown if it rains..nose too high in the air.what they purport to do, and what they are, makes the whole picture they show to the world “oxymoronic”
    They are bringing negative attention to Cassadaga, and to people that truly do have the gift.

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