Playing with the Wacom

I have had very little time to play with the Wacom writing pad.  Apparently the magic is in the software.  Sharon George, who has done the past few covers,  told me: “I use an older Wacom tablet – an Intuos…which I keep turned down as much as possible, keep as “firm” as possible. I use mostly the airbrush tools in Painter 9.5. It takes some practice; but it’s SO worth it! I can now draw freehand on my tablet; not as well as with pencil and paper…but I’m drawing. Just spend as much time as you can, sneak a few minutes here and there and you’ll get it working for you as you wished.”  I haven’t had time to practice with it, I have been busy as heck, but just this week acquired a really neat little wire rolling cart and set the laptop up in my living roomagain.  In fact I just now carried the tablet out there , so I will have it there during my leisure time.

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