Painting mermaid heart rocks

I’ve been taking a break from painting angel heart rocks and this week I’ve been painting mermaids. It’s a trip painting in this small a format but it’s a really good meditative practice, not to mention good exercise for keeping my fingers nimble.

Now that I’ve been playing with pens, I am jonesing for my new set of lotsa color pens to get here. Coming from China, they are very highly rated and scheduled to arrive by September 15th. I’ve only ever used art pens for final accents on paintings, so it’s interesting using them to draw with.

The pens that I make the dots with are not waterproof when applied atop acrylic paint, so I have to let them dry and then spray sealer before I continue.  It’s a whole new game painting on rocks but I’m enjoying it.    



I like the symbolism of mermaids, they are able to  adapt, to live comfortably between several worlds, and co-exist with many species. I’m not a swimmer and don’t care for water sports, but I recall how powerful it felt the first time I tried swim fins on. I could dash across the pool in a flash with very little effort on my part. Mermaid medicine to me has to do with becoming aware of strengths I never had to test out before, adapting to whatever situation I find myself in, going with the flow yet staying in control of where I’m heading.

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