On the driver in Charlottesville, SC

If you’d been told all your life that little bunnies would attack you and rip your heart out, you’d grow up afraid of them, too

A shame, another kid raised amidst hatred. How do you reach age 20 without learning to handle emotions and consider consequences before acting? The following question helped me understand how fear is birthed and how racism comes to be: “If you’d been told all your life that fluffy bunnies would hunt you down to attack and kill you and rape your mother and children, you’d grow up afraid of them, and wanting to get them before they got you, right?”   Please teach kids how to handle themselves and consider consequences. Their life depends upon it.  James Fields was just hanging with his homies, letting their agenda be his agenda. This is what happens when you go along with someone else’s program and don’t consider consequences. You get wrapped up in it, you lose control and for what? For what? There but for the grace of God go I.

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