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I love networking to put people together to make friends and make money.  I see it as doing community service.  I don’t do it because it gets me anything.  Well, ok, in the beginning I admit I did. I saw that was how it worked: you got more bees with honey than vinegar, and the more I gave the more I got.  But then I faked it til I made it and now I love to do it just for the thrill it gives me.   The sense of satisfaction of helping someone with a boost up the next step on the ladder.  A sense of having helped someone expand their world as they expanded their perception of themselves and their potential.  I love it.   Here is an excerpt I am going to include in the next Horizons.  In prior emails I gave everyone business tips on how to increase their business.  D is the only one who did anything about it.  

My suggestions for any business:

Create a newsletter for keeping your clients aware of what you’re doing and where you’ll be.

Include an event calendar.

Use graphics or photographs in the newsletter to make it look appealing.

Go to and buy a website name.

Go to wordpress and create a website.

Create a logo for yourself and use it.

Make sure all contact info is in the header of your newsletter.

Either mail it or email it to everyone on your list once a month.

Create a mailing list of people who are interested in what you do or who you are.

Think of some free something to give them or do for them, not just a coupon that makes them buy a service from you at a discount. Give them something they don’t have to give you anything in return for.

Become interested in who these people are and what they offer in their own business.  Through everyone you meet you will meet at least one other person.  This is how to create a mailing list with integrity, from people who are really interested.  Never trick someone into getting onto a mailing list they may not want to be on.  Never email the people on your list with the only reason being to sell them something.  Create a relationship.

Don’t rely on anyone else but YOU to get the word out about YOUR business. No matter how many people are working with you and “supposed to” be getting the word out also. People are mostly selfish and think only for themselves. They want someone else to do the work while they talk about what everyone is doing that is wrong. Don’t join that crowd. Don’t vibrate there.

Pretend your business relied on ONLY YOU to get the word out and pour your heart into it. And be glad doing it. Don’t feel resentful that no one is helping. Ignore those who aren’t helpful and they will fall away from your life as those who vibrate in harmony with you magically appear to take their place.

Don’t work with people you don’t appreciate and respect.  Work with people who uplift you and support your goals and visions for your future.  Work with people who are easy to interact with.  If you have several people who are difficult to work with, consider lightening up and listening more than talking.

Have a goal and vision for your future.

Find someone who needs something you can provide, and help them for free. Don’t tell anyone else you did it. Tell NO ONE ELSE, EVER. Pray and give thanks for the opportunity to be of service to humanity in this way.

Make a habit of doing this.

Don’t criticize anyone or anything.

The below is from Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind by Napolean Hill. If you don’t do anything else, pay attention to this if you want to increase your income.

From Chapter 1

Never believe you don’t have what it takes. (Anything is possible and anyone can do it.)

Adversity is a tonic, not a stumbling block.

A success-conscious mind functions rapidly and effectively.

From Chapter 2

Close the doors on the misfortune of your past. (Make amends, repay debts, forgive and ask forgiveness. Take steps now to amend past hurts and repay past debts. Skipping even one will hold back your progress.)

Every adversity has within it the seed of a greater benefit.

When you speak of failure, you attract failure. When you speak of success, you attract success.

There is a connection between being wealthy and having peace of mind.

Make sure your work and your money benefit someone other than yourself. (Become genuinely service oriented.)

Do not hurt any other person in order that you may succeed.

Do not cut corners of honesty and business morality. (Do not blame, criticize or shirk responsibility.)

A career that is past opens a new door to the future.

Go the extra mile. (And don’t brag to anyone that you’re doing it… word will get around quickly.  If you’re a braggart, people will resent that and not want to help you or be around you.)

From Chapter 3, The basic mental attitude that brings wealth and peace of mind.

A life of wealth enjoyed by a mind at peace comes most often to those who maintain a positive mental attitude. With definiteness of purpose you add great positive power to your own mental attitude, and you can use definite motives to sustain the actions which propel you toward your goal. At the same time you can set up spiritual guardians to keep your attitudes at a high “Yes” level, avoid conflicts of motive, tune-in on other positive minds.

The computers which manage our world have a very simple basic principle: they say yes or No. They either open a kind of electrical gate or they keep it closed, and by multiplying this process they can assimilate and select all kinds of information.

The mind of man is far more wonderful than any machine. Within it, however there seems to be a kind of Yes-No valve at the focal point of thinking. It is as though your awareness of a circumstance of life – sent to your brain by your sight, hearing and other senses – presents itself at the Yes-No point to be processed. A person who maintains a positive attitude will find every possible Yes in that circumstance and make it part of his life. A person who maintains a negative mental attitude will lean toward the No side, miss much that is good, live with much that is painful and damaging.

(If you’re not happy every day with the life you are living and the amount of money you are making and the amount of fun you are having right now, then you just need to tip the balance of your thoughts to see the good in every situation and person and your life will change. Overnight. I may believe I am a positive thinkers, but my life will show me the real evidence of my thoughts.)

Nothing but a mental attitude, it is right there that your success or your failure, your peace of mind or your nervous tension, your tendency toward good health or your tendency toward illness begins.

Fortunately it is possible for anyone to make the change from negativism to positivism, and thus basically condition his brain to bring all that is good in life.

Control your mental attitude with definiteness of purpose.

A positive mind tunes in on other positive minds.

Don’t let the motive of material gain conflict with the motive of freedom.


Life reflects your own thoughts back to you: A curse comes back to curse you and a blessing comes back to bless you.

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