My process for manifesting a new tenant

My tenant of 7 years passed in the hospital on New Year’s Eve. I’m sorry to lose a super cool long time tenant who was also a friend. Now I must plan for the next resident. So this is the beginning of my manifestation process to do exactly that. Personal experience has proven to me that it helps me to attract what I want when I plan it out in my mind ahead of time. First I remember what I know, that I’ve always had good experience with tenants and my rental home. I bring to mind the fact that I historically have attracted people of integrity who were also fun and tidy and easy going.  

— The home has always been easy to get ready for the next occupant.

— I’ve always been lucky, there have been few repairs and they’ve been handled immediately by courteous servicefolk.

— I’ve had no hurricane damage.

— I’ve always found the right person at the right time.

— So where I stood on January 14 was that I found someone I hope can be the new resident. We really vibe and she was referred by someone I totally dig and respect.

We both have time constraints. She must be out of her place by Jan 28. I may not have access to my place until Jan 31.

SO MY JOB NOW IS TO REMIND MYSELF IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT AND THEN LET IT GO. Know that somehow the Universe will work it all out. I HOPE it’s her, but she may find something more perfect for her before she can even see my place.

IF IT’S NOT HER, it will be someone equally suitable and they will make themselves known to me in perfect time.

— What she needs is HER furniture in HER new place on January 28. I can even clean and paint after she moves in, she says. I’m holding the vision for that. This is the beginning of the process of attracting a tenant as wonderful as the last.

On January 17, three days later, I spoke to the daughter of my tenant who passed and she let me know she would be all moved out by January 26, possibly earlier. I went over to assess the situation. It seems very do-able, I saw no damage and expected none. I’ll go over in a few days and help her move things out of the home and into the carport for the yard sale their community is having this weekend. Everything is falling into place.

January 19 UPDATE: I went to the home and she’s already moved out a lot of it. Best of all, she’s got a friend to help her move furniture out onto the driveway for tomorrow’s sale and they don’t need me to help! That means I just got a day off. Thank you to ME for being a vibrational match to that!

January 26 UPDATE: New tenant is moving in today.