And here I thought it was always Sam’s fault

Poor maligned Sam!

A nice revelation before sitting for morning meditation: I’m working in the office and Tuxedo Sam has been asleep in front of me on his pillow near the window for an hour. Benny the Cat walks in the room and sees him and begins crouching down as he walks and grumbling under his breath. Sam is still asleep. Ben jumps up on the desk behind me (as usual) to get to the window, he’s still grumbling, the low growl that says, “get away.”  Sam is still asleep so I shush Ben. Growl, shhh! Growl, shhh! Ben sits in the window never taking his eyes off sleeping Sam. Still grumbling he decides to yowl as if Sam is going after him. ALL THIS WHILE SAM IS ASLEEP. I always assumed when I heard Ben growl and yowl from the other room that Sam was hounding him, so I’d reprimand Sam. Now I know.