More lottery wins. Getting in the vibe. Cultivate an expectant attitude to encourage windfalls. Expect $$ to come out of nowhere

On March 5, 2009, Bob Space, of Manchester Township, N.J., sent nine of his co-workers likely the best e-mail they’ll ever receive on Wednesday morning. It read: “We won the big one.” The group each pitched in $5 for 50 Mega Million lottery tickets, which Space purchased at a gas station during Monday’s snowstorm. One of the tickets turned out to be the golden prize — worth $216 million.   The 10 will split a $216 million annuity or a one-time payout of about $140 million.    “I feel incredibly blessed. I can’t even absorb it,” Space said. He said winnings “take a lot of the stress out of life.

That’s one big lottery win.  I’m inspired.  Someone I know won the Fantasy 5 this week. Each of 3 winners of Wednesday’s Fantasy 5 game will collect $81,727.67.  One winner of Sunday night’s Fantasy 5 game will collect $183,032.37, the winning ticket was bought in Hialeah, which is my hometown.  I like it when familiar names or places win in the lottery, because that tells me I am circling close and resonating on a nearby frequency.

I don’t spend a lot on lottery tickets.  I buy a Lotto quick pick twice a week.  Any winnings I get from that I allow myself to buy Fantasy 5 or other tickets with.  I’ve seen with friends how easy it is to get sucked into the gambling cycle when you’ve had a few wins and feel you’re on a roll.  So my rule is I can only play the lottery with lottery winnings.

And sometimes I get on a roll.  And sometimes I get some good numbers ahead of time.  When I do, I email my buddy Carl about it and he’s won along with me.  Not big numbers.  Cash 3 I have had some good luck with.  And those $1 Monopoly scratch offs they had last year.

One afternoon I’d stopped at Circle K to buy my lotto quick pick.  The woman ahead of me bought a string of the $1 Monopoly scratch off tickets, and as soon as they were being handed to her, I said You need to buy three more. I didn’t mean to say it, I didn’t think about saying it, I just heard it when I said it.  She turned around and just looked at me like I was a loony and walked away.  I asked the clerk for 3 of the same tickets she just bought.  One paid $20, the second paid $5 and on the third I won $25.  I’d never bought those before and didn’t go in there thinking about anything other than getting my Lotto quick pick and deciding whether I wanted candy corn or not.

So I like it when I hear people I know or locations I know being lottery winners.  It lets me know that while I am not yet a vibrational match, I must be close because I am hearing about it so often.  And that brings me back to how much does my belief and expectation have to do with what comes to me?   I know that when I expect something and believe it will come to pass, that hastens it on its way.

I know if I can let go of the idea of HOW the Universe will get an unexpected windfall to me, that hastens one my way.  Back years ago when all I had for income was my one law office job, I had zero expectation of any income ever coming to me that I didn’t know about.  I would get my paycheck of $XXX per week and I would get a tax refund in April and that’s all the dollars I had any expectation of receiving, period, end of story.  I didn’t have any investment that was poised to go big in 10 years or a rich parent who’d leave me anything.  So all the money I expected and believed I had access to was my weekly income.  I expected nothing more.  I couldn’t imagine where it might come from.

But when I left my 22 year career as a criminal defense paralegal and became a professional psychic in its place, that also opened new avenues for income to come to me.  One, I began working the phone line for The Psychic Friends Network (Inphomation) and that paid me per week the same as at the law office and more.  I also began doing psychic readings out of the new age stores in town at that time: Air, Fire, Water, Earth in Melbourne; Spiritual Expressions in Indialantic; and Three Mystics in Cocoa Village.  I’d work one or two afternoons a week at each.  So I basically never knew what I’d make at “work” each day.  It was an unknown factor.  Infinite potential.

I knew I could depend on the Psychic Friends paycheck to cover all my bills.  So I wasn’t real attached to how much I “needed” to make at each store each day.  I’d be there for about 4 hours usually and I really enjoyed doing it.  Since I liked it, I began attracting a lot of clients, and so I stayed busy and made good money.   It didn’t hurt that was the year we began Horizons Magazine and so readers wanted to come visit in person, too.

Theresa Richardson (co-founder of Horizons along with Kristy Souto) was also another local psychic reader and we taught a tarot class together on Tuesday nights at Air, Fire, Water, Earth.  We also both did readings, along with April Rane, Jorie Eberle, Dianna Hinkley at the psychic fairs that Maryann Benson from Three Mystics would put on at the Cocoa Beach Holiday Inn.

So I went from making a set salary at a law office, with no expectation of any income from any other source, to working at a variety of jobs, giving me multiple streams of income. I never knew what I’d make at each place, but I knew how many hours I would be there, so I knew I could expect a maximum of $XXX.  But I also had customers who tipped me, so the tips counted as windfalls.  That raised my expectation that a windfall could come my way.  That raised my expectation that dollars could come to me in ways I did not expect.  That opened a new world of opportunity to me, a world where I no longer had resistance to the idea that money could come “out of nowhere”.

And when I began realizing that dollars could come to me from all corners of the Universe without me having a clue where it would come from, that was really a freeing realization.  And I began to expect to be surprised.  I began to expect to be delighted with the ways the Universe provided me with bounty.  And I continue to be.

You can, too.  It just takes practice.  Expect a miracle.

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One thought on “More lottery wins. Getting in the vibe. Cultivate an expectant attitude to encourage windfalls. Expect $$ to come out of nowhere

  1. True M Alisandre

    This blog: “More Lottery Wins,” really inspired me, and it ties into my life experience in a number of ways:

    1) I was just at a bookstore in Coconut Grove, FL where my 2010 book: PICTURES OF HEALTH TO BREATHE & MOVE WITH, is carried – doing a book promotion, which I designed and pulled off myself. On this past Sat., Mar.19, I set myself up a table in a back corner of the bookshop/cafe, and put my book up where people could see it, along with my biz cards, and a nice art notebook for guest comments of those I’d be seeing. Since my book is comprised of 163 breath stretches, I’d decided to offer patrons of the shop a free 5 – 10 minute breath ‘tune up.’ Things got started off kinda slow, but after I introduced myself to few people, and they accepted my healing session, I got confident & reached out more. And, the miracle is that two people actually bought my book which tickled me! I had each person do some doodles on a 3 x 5 card after their session, to express lines of their relaxed state of mind. I’d then write a short poetic statement about it, and encourage them to continue exploring their unique ‘breath of life,’ and embellish this as “their personal breathing practice.” This was the whole purpose of my book to help people a) play around with their breathing, and b) to become Intimate with their Breath of Life. [this is the title of my only copyrighted song.] One fellow, Owen, didn’t buy the book, but tipped me $20, which is my pay for selling one!

    So, I have been reconnected with being in public place, and sharing creative breathing practices with interesting & thoughtful human beings.

    2) So, this morning {two days later} after awakening, I spontaneously make up a creative breath involving the namaste hand positions from yoga. I think “Wow, you seem to be returning to an investigation of how breathing can be a helpful tool for awakening to deeper aspects of ones Self!” Now, while writing this Rely, I come up with two more new creative breathing practices: a) one for breathing consciously while chewing some pizza, and b) for undoing my feet being tied up unconsciously under my chair.
    Here’s the one for – Breathing Thoughtfully while Eating:
    We can begin to explore and play around with breathing differently anytime; such as right now while I’m chewing a mouthful of pizza! I stop chewing for a moment, and allow some wafts of air to flow over my ‘somewhat masticated food!’ On an exhale, I open my mouth wide ans say feelingly:
    This nourishing of my cells really helps me be Truly Helpful in a new way. It reminds me of the 1 word usage of: NOURISHMENT in A Course in Miracles (total word count: 481,621) which says:
    “Would God consent to let His Son remain forever starved by his denial of the NOURISHMENT he needs to live?”

    I went on to catch my self sitting with feet tied up in a twisted know under my chair while writing:

    Now, I just noticed / felt me sitting in this chair with my feet criss-crossed under it. I remembered how I’d told others numerable times (and several at the book promo mentioned above) to let their feel rest flat on the ground so they’llb e grounded into the E-art-H’s energy. Well, I said do something now about yer own ‘bundled feet!’ So, I held the bottom of the chair & while inhaling jutted y legs our straightening them still in crossed position. (What’s the relation to ‘being cross’ with someone, or ‘don’t you cross me!’)
    When I exhaled fully, I bent my knees, pulling my legs toward my torso, and then pounded them on the floor with a Thud. This had a very empowering effect on me, and I felt my presence more strongly.

    Finally, after reading this blog, I recalled once walking on the beach in Tybee Island, GA, and finding some great shells. Well, I’d been practicing giving away some precious ones, and did this, and soon thereafter, spotted a $20 bill in some seaweed! I was going to a spiritual meeting that evening, and so put it in the donation basket, feeling it was for the facilitator of the meeting. I’ve wondered for years if the saying: “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” could be changed, and while living in Hot Springs National Park, did just that: “put money in trees,hoping someone would find it, and be surprised by the contradiction of that statement.”

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