Last night’s brussels sprouts stirfry

Thursday March 5, 2009. Last night I made the most awesome dinner.  I’d bought a package of brussels sprouts at the market earlier in the week and let myself lust after them for days.  Last night I decided enough was enough!  I  washed them and cut them each into quarters.  Not sliced like coins, rather I quartered them.  I heated a tsp of olive oil and a tsp of Earth Balance spread in a fry pan big enough to keep the sprouts in one layer.  When it’s hot, toss them in.

I kept the heat between 4 and 5 and shook the pan often to keep them cooking evenly.  We’re looking for a little carmelization to take place, maybe 10 minutes, so I kept the top on.  After the bottoms begin to brown, I added half a sliced yellow onion and 4 chopped cloves of garlic, some pepper and about a half tsp of oregano.

Meantime, I put a cup of jasmine brown rice in the rice cooker with 1.25 cups water and let it do its thang.  In 15 minutes rice will be ready.

In the largest nonstickfrypan I have, I put a teaspoon of olive oil and when it’s hot, I add a small chopped onion, 2 carrots, 1 stalk of celery and 6 cloves of garlic.  By the time it is starting to brown up, the rice is done and I add the rice to the frypan.

I stir it all up and kind of press it down in the pan so the bottom can crisp up a little.  I was going to have the rice and carrot stirfy separately from the brussels sprouts, but decided to just dump them on top of the rice.  It was an amazing dinner.  Lots of flavor and so easy.

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