Money/supply comes out of us like an oak from an acorn

A recently laid off print journalist friend wrote yesterday and her question was so classic and universal, I wanted to share it with you.  She writes, Where I run into trouble with the subject of money is an understanding of where it comes from. In my mind it is like trading with a toxic substance. Instead I am looking to focus on what it is I would like in my life and desire the end of a monetary system all together.”  acorn_sproutI replied, “That’s because you think the money comes from outside yourself.  That’s what we’re taught.  It helped me to see money as coming out of me, just as an oak tree comes out of an acorn.  That yes, I should endeavor to keep jobs in place and buy lotto tickets to give dollars more avenues to come in, but to also expect that dollars can come to me from a source I have no way of expecting it to.  Just leave room for the miracle, so to speak.  Leave a part of your consciousness on the idea that, I would love to see how much money from an unexpected source that the Universe can provide me with. Then look around you every day and see what other people do to make money that you could also do.

That doesn’t mean go apply at McDonald’s, but it means look at the McDonald’s dude and say “I could do that.  If I HAD to, I could do that.”  It’s a mental exercise you want to begin doing many, many times during the day.  I look at the gardening shows and think, I could do landscaping and mowing.  Do I want to do it for a living?  No, but the practice helps me be aware of what all I can do if the chips were down.  I could type for someone else.  I could design flyers for local businesses.  I could sell stuff.  I could stand on a corner and spin a sign.  The Universe could also drop a big inheritance in your lap even if you think you have no relatives to give you anything.  You just never know.”

What happens to someone’s fortune when it completely loses value; or their entire industry vanishes? No biggie, something else will replace it soon after.

Where one door closes another will open, but I seem stuck in this grieving process of what I feel I lost; my purpose in life. Your purpose in life is just morphing into new forms of expression is all, and you’re in the stage of “oh the caterpillar is dying”.  That’s all.  After the caterpillar dies, the butterfly emerges.  All it is doing is morphing.

I don’t think it is an accident that print media is dieing, but the transition is proving difficult because I can’t envision where it is I’d like to go to next. Not all print media is dying, as evidenced by tons of print media still in production and successfully so.  All that is changing is what people read and how they read it.  The industry is morphing to accomodate that.  As to being unable to envision where you’d like to go next, that does seem like a daunting task.  Maybe start by thinking of what you’d like to be doing now instead of sitting here reading this, and how you’d like to feel, and remembering the last time you felt that way.  That will help your next step unfold for you.

Blogging is so lonely compared to chasing stories, working in a newsroom or even hanging in FaceBook. 🙂  Ah, so it’s important to you to be connected personally with people and receive feedback in order to feel that what you do has value? That’s a stage also.  The more I cut off outside contact (while I work) the deeper inside myself I go and the more my inner guidance comes forth. For ME, feeling connected to inner guidance is more important than contact with people.

How do you chose your next destiny when the previous manifestation vanished through no fault of your own? It’s actually optimum because it gives you a clean slate.  Zero = infinite potential.  You get motivated really quickly to discover the next step.

Some things are just out of our individual control, right? In one sense, you can say yes.  As in, I worked for The Daily Planet and it folded so no, you can’t make it go back and re-open and give you your job back.  But in the greater sense, we are absolutely responsible for our vibrational stance, our dominant field of resonance, overall, and it is that which will draw my experience to me.  It is upon that basis that I will attract to me what I am in vibrational harmony with.  That may show up as me being kicked out of a job I love.

The Universe has no qualms about plucking you out of Point A so that when Point B comes along, you won’t miss it.

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