Discovering unfinished projects and making them good to go

Thursday, April 2, 2009. Yesterday was spent in the recording studio, working on some new mp3 files.  My brother Jerry is a big help to me there.  I do the scripting and recording, and he adds the background music and subliminals and does all the techie stuff.  Like taking out the sssssssssssssssss when I have the microphone at the wrong angle for the entire recording, where it amplifies my breath too much on words like catch, rest, voice, simply, reach.   I typically give everything a careful listen through before I send it on to him, but last week I didn’t do that.  I’d recorded a file and thought I’d edit it myself before sending to him.  I got all excited in the editing process, cutting and pasting, and happily sent the finished product on to Brothermine.  Without giving it a final listen through.  So he does his background music magic and sends the finished file back.  It’s when I listened to it from start to finish then that I heard that I’d done the induction twice and cut the countdown out of it both times.  Drat!

Laughing at myself

Laughing at myself

“All my wasted time,” I thought.  Then I thought, “That brat of a brudder, he should have caught that.”  Then I thought, “Heck, if I don’t make time to do a final listen through, how can I expect him to?  Vibrational match.”  Then I thought, “Omigosh, I wasted a whole bunch of his time and now because of me being lazy, we both have to do the job over again.”

Then I laughed at myself remembering how often I do stuff like that. I spent the rest of the day tweaking and compiling all my scripts, getting them ready to record next. One thing I do a lot of is to start something and leave it half finished, moving on to start something else.  This leaves me with lots of half done projects.  Those are the projects I like to pull out and work on when it’s a nice rainy day and I want a break from my regular work.

I have a whole drawer marked “Projects in Progress” which really means “Unfinished Stuff”.  I so often surprise myself by going in there, and finding some gems that only need a little tweaking before they are ready to go.  So in the drawer yesterday, I found 8 scripts I’d almost completed for my self-hypnosis audio series.  I’d forgotten about them, so they just lay in the drawer for the last 16 months.  And if I hadn’t been so darned lazy, I could have added these recordings to my website for sale a year ago.  But noooooooooooo, I was so lazy that I didn’t even think of them.

It made me wonder what else have I not been thinking about?  What else do I have lying around that is unfinished, or that just needs a little tweaking to make it useable and sell-able.  I’m lucky in that I get to hear people talk all the time about what creative things they do and what projects they are involved in.  Listening to them always sparks creative ideas in me, too.  In readings, when they ask questions, they call forth answers that I am excited to hear also, especially when it comes to questions I haven’t thought of myself.

So I think now, what other projects have I not been thinking of, what else do I have lying around that just needs a little tweaking to finish up?  I’ll bet you have half a dozen of them yourself.  Half a dozen ideas, anyway, that you have begun thinking of to use your talents and capabilities to bring some extra income in.

There are a lot of us who are choosing to not participate in a recession.  We are going to make this our best year ever and you’re invited to join us. Take a look around you and see what you have that you could put to use, or ready for sale.  Something that may just need a little tweaking.  Begin a list and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the list grows.  Make a new list for the ideas that come to you as you do the “projects to finish” list.

And remember, this isn’t a list of more things you have to do.  This is simply a list of what you have in process.  What you have available and on hand.  You don’t have to finish or work on anything on the list if you don’t want.  But it’s helpful to know what you have.  Like if you wanted to bake a cake, you’d want to make sure you have eggs and flour and sugar and a cake pan.  If you didn’t, you’d simply put them on a list so you knew you needed them for next time.

So what’s on your list?  If nothing comes to mind, pretend you know and just make up a bunch of stuff and write it down.  Doing that helps you release resistance so that real answers come forth from your subconscious and you start to write them.  Pretend you know.

So what’s on your list?

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