Melbourne stores now have the December Horizons

I drove to Melbourne this morning to deliver the December Horizons Magazine. Dropping it off before stores open, I don’t get a chance to say hi to friends but schedule-wise, it’s often the best time for me. I delivered half the stores and, an hour in, my lack of sleep began catching up with me. I decided to head home and deliver the rest of the mags the next day, after a final delivery to my friend Maria. It turns out she needed a ride to Palm Bay so it was perfect timing. By the time I dropped her off, I’d caught my second wind so I drove back to Melbourne to finish delivering the magazines. By then, businesses were open so I got to visit with Rev. Beth at Unity Church of Melbourne.  I’ve skipped church the past year, reclaiming personal time on Sundays, and I missed it – and her. It was good to reconnect. Afterwards, I stopped at K & C Oriental Market on Aurora Road and got tom yum paste, chili garlic oil, palm sugar, dried bonito flakes, rice noodles, then stopped at Pho Cali to bring home some fresh spring rolls and a Pho soup.  I’d just finished lunch when Maria called ready to return to Melbourne. Again, perfect timing. It always is.