Kryon on being a lighthouse

lighthouse in storm2-72A Lightworker asked:  “I’m in a place I don’t want to be in… Why am I being punished every day by having to work with these people that are so dark?… They think I’m crazy and don’t honor me or my life… What should I think about this? It’s hard!“And my answer is:  So you think it’s all about an accident? Or that you’re being punished? Then you have missed the grandeur of a standard Lighthouse. Lighthouses aren’t built in safe places. They choose to be where the storms are! You’re not being punished.. You’re being taken to a difficult place to shine your light.
Physically, what should you be doing with the people around you? Can you love them? Listen to them! Listen to what’s really happening in their lives. Consider every day one where you have an opportunity to create light in a dark place. Watch attitudes change.. You may be “weird” to them, but they know you represent integrity.
Spiritually… you’re a light in a dark place and you wonder why you’re there? It isn’t always about you. Think about them! You’re being given an opportunity.  This is the work you came to do, and it’s not forever. In a place you don’t want to be, working with people you don’t want to be with, is the work of a Lighthouse.  What if you’re the only light they ever see?”

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