Out of Body Experience OOBE and Stop Smoking cds

Monday, April 6, 2009. The last few days my brother and I have been working on getting some projects finished together, and I now have two new mp3 files online at Andrea’s Self Hypnosis series.  The new files are Stop Smoking and OOBE – You Are Not The Body, which is an astral flight.   It was interesting “proofing” the Out of Body Experience OOBE file and having to listen to it several times through.  I have some interesting experiences I will share with you later.

I was reminded of the incident with my chair that happened in October 2006 The Haunted Chair, Journeys Out Of The Body.   In keeping with my decision to not participate in a recession, these mp3 files are just $10 each.

Happy Monday.  Full moon on Thursday.  Good Friday is my birthday and it’s a “12” year – yay, a lucky 3 for me this year.

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ø¤º°`°º¤ :¦:- Free mp3 file Universal Manager with $10 purchase

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