Keeping Track of Stacks of Books

One of my bookcases

One of my walls of bookshelves

Whew!  I just put 51 new books on the low shelves next to the reading nook.  I have lots of books. One way I keep track of them is to keep an ongoing list of all the titles, so in case I want to know if I have something, I can do a word search for it.  I have 589 on the list right now on Christmas 2009.  Actually, this number does not include the maybe 100 books of my own collection from before I began my list.  They get moved around quite a bit.  When books first arrive, I log them in and then I put them on the lower shelves by the main reading nook.  I have several areas for sitting and reading, all next to different bookshelves.  After each has been read, they move on to a more permanent location, typically by topic or author. Now if I could just keep track of where each title actually is, I’d be set.

The End of Death As We Know It

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