Talking in my sleep

I was napping earlier today and woke up talking on the phone to my friend Joy. Well, I thought I was anyway.  I purposely keep the phone (usually) where I have to walk to it answer it, but this time it was next to my big puffy chair, where I’d fallen asleep proof-reading.  I answered the phone automatically in my sleep. I thought I was making sense, saying real words. Apparently not.  I always tell friends, the wake-up trigger phrase if that happens is to ask me, “Are you awake? Do you want to wake up?”

It was kind of like in a dream where you understand what someone is saying and you’re talking back to them, or you’re writing something down?  I’ve done that to later wake up and see my notebook scrawled with jibberish, when in the dream I am writing clearly.

I guess the sleep talking is like that.  I wonder how often I do that in my waking time as well?

Think I’m making perfect sense, conveying an idea, when all the other person hears is jibberish?


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