It becomes enchanted here at nightfall

It becomes a different world here in the midnight hours.  I live in Paradise every day but at night is when the enchantment begins. Like right now. It’s a beautiful evening out there, a balmy 76, light breeze, moonrise not for another hour, then another hour+ to make it over the tree line. There’s night blooming jasmine in the air. The nightly parade of critters has begun. For me, this is the time to take a walkabout, then sit and soak up the night.  Each day as I bring work to a close, I review what needs to be done the next day.  Then I leave work at the office. When I ponder at night, it’s more about basking in appreciative thoughts of what magic the day has brought me, or seeing where I stand on any personal issues I may be working through. Most recently, I had 4 close to me pass in the last 3 months. I get waves of feeling grief and loss, all the while knowing there is no death.  Ongoing estate matters keep the topic fresh in my mind. One I lost in March was a friend of 54 years, and my sole confidante. I feel that loss acutely every day. At the same time, it is good to have no one to discuss things with.  It throws me back into myself and sends me pondering in the midnight hours.  In the quiet, in the night, thoughts become more clear. What seems tangled becomes smoothed free. That’s the magic of the nighttime.  It’s the perfect setting to step into the mystic and unravel truth from illusion.  Mysticism is defined as the pursuit of communion with the Source or God through experience, intuition and insight. It is for this reason I typically live a monastic life, as it is conducive to the cultivation of the mystical state of consciousness.  The session work I do with friends depends upon my state of consciousness.  It is for this reason I put my time in to become enchanted with nature, under the stars, listening to what the Universe has to tell me.  It’s where I get my continuing education to keep me qualified for my profession 🙂