I’m reminded to always be prepared

I got up early Friday to get ready for delivery of the January magazine. I brewed coffee and made it half caffeine to wake me up. I drink it so seldom, it wired me for the entire day! The day began with me feeling lazy so I took my time getting going. Then I felt rushed like I wouldn’t get to everywhere I had to be, but within two hours I was in the flow. Today I was reminded to always be prepared. I was going to drop cds off to a client, so I tossed them all in the car and drove off to run errands. I was glad to have ALL the cds with me because I called to confirm the address on the way and was asked if I had time for a reading as well. Long story short, she had a group of ladies over for lunch and I spent the afternoon doing readings and sold 19 cds. Email me at horizonsmagazine@gmail.com to buy the cd for $20  Since I hadn’t planned on it, I was dressed a little too casual for the “party” with a black sweater, jeans and sneakers but I had a silk scarf in the car and my snazzy black sandals. Presto, chango. It was an unexpectedly fun and productive day. And best of all? My holiday vacation time begins now!