If you want dollars to flow in, ya gotta pay everyone back

Just spoke to a woman who’s trying to remove resistance from her life so she can attract more dollars. She told me she bought a purebred puppy which is giving her a lot of laughter and joy but that doesn’t seem to be enough to drop her resistance so she can attract $$. She heavily invested this year in a project that should bring her lots of money, but so far has not. My spidey sense told me she had financial obligations tied to the project that she had not fulfilled. I took that to mean she still owed someone for funding the project. I also felt she had several personal loans from friends that she was not paying back. She admitted that was true but one reason was she didn’t know the puppy would cost so much, vet, etc.

Also she did have a little money in the bank but she needed to save that for a rainy day. I told her it’s all related. Even if she has to bottom out her nest egg to pay everybody back, doing that would open the flow of her dollars. She was the one crimping her own hose, keeping the dollars from flowing thru. A fave dollar mantra of mine is “My cash flow is never ending, twice as much as I am spending.”

Years ago I had a tax accountant who I later learned didn’t exactly know what she was doing. When she moved and I had to get a new tax chick, I immediately owed the IRS $10,000. WTAF??? At the time I had one remaining investment which totaled $40 more than I owed. Ya gotta laugh. I opted to close the account so I didn’t have the debt hanging over my head, impacting my dollar karma. Because I know it’s all related. Everything. If you want people to pay you dollars, make sure you’ve paid everyone you owe. Even mom, even your ex. Empty your pockets so God can fill them with diamonds.

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