Get diagnosed, or not?

I have a friend who’s having some health issues but she’s afraid to go to the doctor.  She knows that once an illness is diagnosed, typically that’s when the disease progresses, and that’s because our focus turns more fully to it.  Whatever we focus on grows and expands, period. Below is what Abraham-Hicks has to say on the matter. I suggested she immediately change to a healthy diet and prayer practice, then do as Abraham suggests:  “Choose another thought, and get locked back on to your signal — and all of that will go away.”

“If a doctor gives you a test when you’re locked off, the results will be very different than the test he gives you when you’re locked on. You take the test and you call it reality. And we say it was a snapshot of a moment in time, and it doesn’t have anything to do with anything except where you were in that moment.

Except, once you get the test, you focus upon it more. As you focus upon it more, it holds you in that vibration longer. As it holds you in that vibration longer — you disallow the Well-being longer. As you disallow the Well-being longer, then there is another test. In other words, we would not take the first test.

Guest: Well, that’s my point. I haven’t decided to do it.

Abraham: Well, here’s the criteria. “Do I take this test from a locked on or locked off position?”

Guest: Why do I need to take it? If I know that the way I need to show up in life is be as locked on as I can — choose the thought that feels better — why do I need to take it, in the first place?

Abraham: Because his vibration might be more dominant in the moment. He might have more Energy revved up around necessity of tests…?

Guest: No, I’m fine with telling him no.

Abraham: So then, let’s put this in a very clear place: Does the idea of the test lock me on or lock me off? There’s a question about this?

Guest: The idea seems neutral. I think that most everything is going to be fine, but I was thinking, Well, if a result came back and said “Oh, your cholesterol’s too high,” or “Oh, we need to check this out.” I’m pretty good at being aware of where I’m putting my attention. But still, suddenly my attention may go somewhere where it hasn’t been. So, am I fooling myself by not wanting to go there?

Abraham: You’ve invested so much in this, you might as well have taken the test. And we want these to be quicker decisions. We don’t want you to struggle, because the test, in and of itself, is a non-issue. The tests, or even what they might produce, in terms of results, are non-issues. Even if the tests said, you’ve got 14 things that people die from, it’s a non-issue. Because all that is, is a registering of whether you’re locked on or locked off, in the moment.

If you have some negative emotion and you don’t realize what it means — so you don’t reach for a thought that feels better and allow the Energy to flow — don’t worry about it, the negative emotion’s going to get bigger. And if you still don’t recognize it, it will get bigger. Until eventually there is something tangible, something measurable, that is still only an indication of being locked off your signal.

It wouldn’t matter to us; it wouldn’t matter to you, either, if you’d come back and said, “I went to the most renowned doctor tester of physical bodies in the world and he’s giving me these horrible, horrible, horrible results,” we would say, “Well, what’s that got to do with anything?”

You say, “Well Abraham, don’t you understand, according to these tests I’m really, really, really, sick.” And we say, “No. According to these tests you’re really, really, really, locked off your signal. Choose another thought, and get locked back on — and all of that will go away.”

You say, “Oh, but I don’t think I want to get locked on. I think I would rather study the results of these tests for a really long time, and continue to use them as my excuse…” You’re getting the sense of what we are talking about?

The health test, the snapshot in time, does not matter — because in the next moment you can lock back onto your signal and allow the Well-being to flood back into your experience. Where you are is only the platform from which you desire and then allow. And that’s why you can never get it wrong, because in the next moment you have a different desire, a more emphatic desire, a more specifically focused desire, which you have the ability to allow. You just have to get it that you have the ability to allow — and that allowing always feels good.

So then, all that other stuff that people are all worried about becomes inconsequential. The only question is, “Does it lock me on or does it lock me off?” Period.

Choose another thought, and get locked back on — and all of that will go away.”

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