How psychometry works for me

What do these keys tell you?

A friend returned a drum yesterday and asked me if drumming helped or hurt my carpal tunnel when I was having a flareup.  I told her I didn’t know if drumming aggravated it.  I was more afraid to lose sensitivity in my fingers since that’s how I read photographs and physical items.   It may be that I think it’s important to have the skin on my fingers be uncalloused, when it’s not important at all — but if I have the belief it matters, then it will matter.   I’m working on it,  I can surprise myself too when I don’t expect it.   Once after the car accident of September 2000 when both hands and arms were in splints up to the elbow, someone put their sweater over the splint (for me to hold it for her) and — surprise — I totally read it, no problem.

Here is how it happens so that you’ll know it when it happens to you. The best case scenario:
(1) someone asks me for info and hands me an object to be read and
(2) I agree to read it.

Often, they may hand me something with no warning, intent or consent.
Benefit: element of surprise.
Detriment: if you offend me by pushing it into my hands, my emotions are momentarily involved and if I’m swimming in that sea, it’s like reading a faraway billboard underwater, everything is all distorted and wavy and moving and light flashing back and forth, constantly changing. It’s not like on tv where I get the sudden rush of info and feel compelled to give all the details. I no longer feel compelled to voice very impression I get. I long ago learned to control that impulse.

I mean, if they surprise me, it still works, but there may be an immediate filter up, distorting what I get. What the sweater is saying, the arm is hearing a distorted version of it, like the telephone game: what the sweater said is not what the arm heard. These filters are removed when you give a moment’s notice and intend/want to receive clear info and I say a quick prayer, mine are something like ‘Heavenly Father/Mother/God, bless this union of us together here for your purpose, let me give them what they want, spoken or spoken, let me clearly hear Your voice and see what You’d have me see and speak what You’d have me speak. Amen. Hari Om.”

I do that in my head silently, quickly. It acts as kind of a point of connection, it’s like setting the destination on the GPS system in the car.

When they ask and want, their desire to know acts as fuel in the car to get us there.
Me wanting to be of service and value is the lubrication that makes it easy to get where we want to go.
Combined, it’s a remedy for success:
(1) ask for the reading,
(2) lemme agree,
(3) hand me your object.

Anyway, so I’m telling you how it works, how the info from a touched object comes to me, psychometry they call it. When I touch it, I may get flooded with info or I may take a moment to breathe it in and mentally, silently ask it what it has to tell me.  I ask for it in order of importance, unless the patron/client/sitter has a specific question they want answered.

Spidey sense tip: Talk to everything in your head, it all communicates, it’s good practice, soon enough it will all begin to talk back.

Anyhow, as the thoughts come, I have a choice of which thoughts to follow. Like when the patron wants to know specifically about her marriage and my predominant pickup from the nonphysical vibration is about her obstructed colon.  Ok, in that one, she set the unspoken intent for info on that topic, and I could have easily not even verbalized to her the impression I was getting since it was “off-topic.” However, I was having weird digestive feelings when I hadn’t eaten anything that could have bothered me. In the interest of resolving my own pain, I verbalized it to her, knowing that if it belonged to her, the pain would leave me once I verbalized it (to the right person) or once realized it, if it belonged to me. So that’s how the psychometry process works for me.