How do you attract a new source of income?

A friend asked me, “Exactly what do you place on your “list” for a new source of income, job/career/whatever? How is it worded?  I am interested in working one. I now know ALL the stuff I DON’T want so I’m a whole lot clearer on what I do want. But not sure how to structure the list. Thanks.”

I responded, “I’m ready to attract a new source right now myself so I can free up some time. My script goes something like I have no idea where this new source of income will come from, nor how it will begin, nor how small of steps I may be making right now that I don’t even know I am making. I will keep my eyes out for clues as I continue doing what I do and do it in a happy and contented way since I know it’s all related.”

Then I would keep choosing thoughts that feel better and bask in the thinking of them.  I know the key to raising my vibration is reaching for a thought that gives me a sensation of relief.

I’d distract myself from my routine by doing something different, something spontaneous and fun.

I’d make lists of what I like to do and what seems fun that other people are doing, even people on tv or in movies.  This is not a list of “what do I think I want to turn into a job somewhere down the line.”  Just a list of things I like and appreciate.

When something comes up that interests me, I check into it.

If I’ve got the tv on, I make sure it’s something that makes me feel happy, hopeful and inspired.  I know I have to stay in the vibe if I’m on a kick to attract something new that I will like.

If something aggravates me, I don’t go all crazy trying to figure it out, I simply decide to choose a better feeling thought and keep thinking it.  I make a point to get out among new people and in new places.

Somewhere down the line, in the doing of all this, I’ll begin to notice opportunities and synchronicities and these are signposts along the way, letting me know I’m heading in a direction that I’ll find fulfilling.  I don’t have any idea what it’ll be, but I am open to anything.

I remind myself I have all sorts of skills that can be useful in a variety of ways.  I don’t want to clean houses or do yardwork for a living, but I know how to run a vacuum and a lawnmower.  Those are skills.  I make a list of my skills: I can sew, I can type, I can work a bunch of computer programs, I can operate a camera and videocamera, I like to draw and paint and design, I can create websites, I know a little about a lot of stuff so I could create a bunch of e-books, and put them on websites I create for them, I like to cook, I like to plan and organize events, I like to work with people who are kind and interesting and motivated.  I can plant and garden by the moon phases, I know the astrological cycles, I can meditate.

Hmm, no new income-producing ideas are coming to me as I make that list, but that’s ok.  Those ideas will come in due time.  My job is to make the most of my Now, get as happy as I can in the moment and make all my moments as happy as I can. You can do the same.  Get as happy as you can in each moment.  Don’t let anything get to you.

Giving friends tools to make the most of their Now to attract a happier tomorrow is something I always find fun to do. If we can get happy, everything else will fall into place.

I work on it every day.

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