Honoring Mundane Tasks as Sacred Offerings to my Own Success

Tuesday I spent the day getting my first quarter financial documents ready for my tax chick, Lois A. Fredricks.  I created a checklist for myself, to make it easy for me to remember what all she needs me to give her each quarter.  I love lists, and especially checklists.  They make it possible for me to easily do what might otherwise be complicated stuff. Early on Tuesday, I wrote on Facebook: I’d would love to open my Excel spreadsheet just once without a feeling of … wait, I can decide ahead of time how I want to feel as I open the spreadsheet. I can be excited about the clarity I’ll have after I’ve filled it out, and how organized I feel knowing what’s what. I can think of the end result instead of dreading the mundane muddling thru the figures… It’s my decision.

I really don’t like doing bookkeeping myself, but the more I understand where the money goes, the more I feel in control of it all. When I had someone else do it for me, I didn’t have a clue about the big picture and how it was all connected.  Me learning it went a long way in helping me release resistance about how much do I have, who do I owe, when is this paid off. It helped more money come in to me, since I’d released resistance.

When I thought of bookkeeping and administrative work as mundane chores I’d rather leave to someone else, I wasn’t claiming my power. When I began to honor the administrative work as a sacred offering to my own success, my world blossomed.

Linda commented: Thanks Andrea for your positive spin on something most of us would rather not deal with. What you say is all true, very good.

I replied: <Linda, trust me, that wasn’t the first thing that came to mind…>

Even I have to self-talk myself into it.

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