Honor your commitment to serve those who ask for awakening, help them make peace with their past so they can move on

Do not let yourself waver from your commitment to serve those who ask for relief, for spiritual awakening, especially when their lessons unfold in a form they don’t expect or like. You may get blamed and maligned.  None of that matters. What matters is as each step of the path is revealed, you give them in plain language the steps to get to the next level.  Don’t expect them to respond, even acknowledge or like you.  Give them every chance to make peace with the past. That’s what they asked for. As each layer is peeled away, more light comes to the surface and they see for themselves.  When they see clearly, you will reconnect.  All things in their own time.  The personality gets pissed off but the soul knows. The soul wants all things from the past resolved so the loop into the future is blessed and joyous. If the past is not resolved, then you can expect that when things are going very well, it can all be yanked out from under you.  That’s why you get it all resolved when you’re down in the muck of it and have far less to lose.  That way you don’t spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder and waiting for the axe to fall when things are going well  That way all karma is balanced off and the only momentum you have to be concerned with is forward momentum.

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