Awakening and Opening Eyes: Helping a friend see the caterpillar is not dying, it’s becoming a butterfly

Years ago a born again Christian friend came to me for meditation and when we began discussing metaphysical concepts, his mind blew open. He said that he was meditating and having revelations for the first time in his life. He was gaining insight from the time he spent contemplating our conversations and I witnessed his beliefs evolving and morphing. I watched the light bulbs as they went off.  What I told him is what I’d tell anyone who was newly on the path – it is good basic info, especially if you’re feeling “trapped” or imprisoned by anything or anyone. As Bo Lozoff says, “we’re all doing time” somehow. If you’re reading this, you’re undergoing some transformation in your own life so parts of this will be relevant for you. A month later I wrote to him in jail: “You said you’ve been rethinking everything you’ve ever done. You sounded resigned to it, which is good since that lowers your level of resistance, which means you’re vibrating in a more allowing and accepting place. When that happens, a better result can come about and things can fall into place quicker. Hang in there.  Plus you can practice being a yogi meditating on God all day every day you’re in there. And write! Finally, you’ve been wanting time to write!”

I began sending him the monthly articles of Abraham-Hicks, continuing our discussions about law of attraction: how things come to us and how we attracted the past we attracted, and the steps to take to attract a future we want. I sent him the mystical poetry of Rumi and Kabir. I love how Rumi refers to God as the Beloved and the Friend. I believe when we serve and please our beloved, we serve and please God as well. An entire new world opens to you when you have that perspective. I wanted him to have that perspective. I sent him the writings of Wayne Wirs, who speaks of mystical oneness, as well as of Ma Yoga Shakti, Alan Cohen, Carolyn Myss, Mike Dooley, Karen Williams. I reminded him: “When your vibe, your vibrational resonance, changes on any particular topic, what you attract relative to that topic changes as well. And it can happen in an instant.

One reason all this is coming to a head is a result of all the insights and awakenings you’ve been having. It’s like an accelleration of karma, and everything from the past comes up to be healed. That’s why all this is happening at once. That’s also why we’re connecting in this holy instant as well. It’s all part of the plan, part of the process, and part of the remedy and solution. It feels horrid to you, but you’ll be on the other side of it soon enough. This time next year so much of all of this will be behind you. Just keep facing that way, just keep that in mind.

Don’t look around, look up. Trouble doesn’t come to stay, it comes to pass. Patience does not mean to passively endure. It means to be farsighted enough to trust the end result of a process. What does patience mean? It means to look at the thorn and see the rose, to look at the night and see the dawn. Impatience means to be shortsighted as to not able to see the outcome. “The lovers of God never runs out of patience, for they know that time is needed for the crescent moon to become full.” Rumi

The Lord’s Prayer says give us this day our DAILY bread, not: tell me six months ahead of time what my job is going to be, right? We don’t need to know the whole road, we just need to be led to the next right step.

We get from life what we give out. Not what we think we’re entitled to or deserve. But what we give out. I expect if I keep myself in motion looking for people to help and work that needs to be done, then I’ll be led to my next step to make that happen. If I think I have to, as you say your ex does, scheme and lie and cheat and criticize and bad mouth and wish harm on someone else, no matter what harm they’ve done to me, then that is what I can expect to receive back. I wasn’t always an angel, I cleaned up my act and it wasn’t easy and it took time, but it’s done now which is why I have an easy and happy life today.

I am not judging your critical ex, however you need to not listen to comments like that. You need to keep your thoughts uplifted. In your mind, trust and know that you will be led to the perfect resolution of your situation. Remind yourself often and know it’s on the way. “I don’t see it yet but thank you God I know it’s on the way to me.”

While you’re in this body during this lifetime, you’re learning lessons that encompass far more than your own little life. You came forth to do much greater work than just that. You came forth to spark minds and make people entertain thoughts they may not have thought before. As hopeless as any situation feels, it‘s really only your thoughts that you’re dealing with, and you have the power to change those.You’re good with words for a reason. You write about your life and your journey and however it plays out, it plays out. You write what you live. Your challenges are your karma to overcome. Your life is your message. How you act with people is what tells them who you are. Your writing helps many people.

While you’re in there, you just need to do whatever it takes to stay in motion producing words that uplift and inspire people and make them think and let them know there are alternatives to what they are now living. That there is another way to be, a way with hope and expectation of the world and everyone in it wanting you to succeed, wanting to do the right thing, wanting to focus on priorities, to clear up the past and to not worry about things they can do nothing about. Everyone wanting to find meaning in their lives and to want something with animated passion and to feel full with purpose. So don’t lose sight of what’s really going on and why we’ve been brought together. To encourage each other as we walk alongside on the Path.

It’s natural to mood swing under confinement. Hang in there, you’re stronger than you know, this will be behind you soon. God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.

Life will be easier in there if you lose the attitude. This is a time to be humble. When I get surprised when you have a different reaction than I expect to something that happens in there, that’s no reflection on you. It shows me how much I was judging you for lack of judgment, failure to take responsibility and failing to practice what you know, judging for perceived weakness instead of recognizing it’s the pendulum swing from practicing having faith under duress. But that’s why we have to practice faith when we’re not under duress, right? So we have it working by the time we need to call upon it? For me it’s a no brainer what to do and how to act and when to disappear into the woodwork and when to not react. This petty human stuff is the stuff of soul work, but life will go easier if you lose the attitude.

Write down everything you feel.  This is why you do it now, now that God has given you this time with your thoughts. This is what he’s created this space for. What you do with it is up to you. And don’t worry, He laughs that you didn’t really know you were on this path and everything would be a test of how conscious you can remain to do His work no matter what obstacles are thrown before you. You didn’t fail any test that the rest of us haven’t failed for lifetimes as well. Welcome to the club. We’re all on this Path together and most of us never meet in person. I’m honored to have you in this life.

butterflies72Sad and fearful over losing everything? It’s no biggie, something else will replace it soon after. Where one door closes another will open, but you won’t see the door if you’re stuck in the grieving process of what you feel you lost, and especially if you feel you lost your purpose in life. Your purpose in life is just morphing into new forms of expression is all, and you’re in the stage of “oh, the caterpillar is dying”. That’s all. After the caterpillar dies, the butterfly emerges. All it is doing is morphing. What a caterpillar calls death, we call a butterfly.

As to being unable to envision where you’d like to go next, that does seem like a daunting task. Maybe start by thinking of what you’d like to be doing now instead of sitting here reading this, and how you’d like to feel, and remembering the last time you felt that way. That will help your next step unfold for you. Walk the path one stepping stone at a time. Don’t be anxious to get from one to the next.  Enjoy your time on each step before moving on to the next. Remember, we don’t need to see the whole map, all we need is to ask for and be shown the next right step, and take it when we see it.

You’ve said it’s important to you to be connected personally with people and receive feedback in order to feel that what you do has value. That’s a stage on the Path also. The more I cut off outside contact (while I work) the deeper inside myself I go and the more my inner guidance comes forth. For me, feeling connected to inner guidance is more important than contact with people.

How do you chose your next destiny when the previous manifestation “vanished through no fault of your own?” It’s actually optimum because it gives you a clean slate. Zero = infinite potential. You get motivated really quickly to discover the next step.

Some things are just out of our individual control, right? In one sense, you can say yes. As in, I worked for The Daily Planet and it folded so no, you can’t make it go back and re-open and give you your job back. But in the greater sense, we are absolutely responsible for our vibrational stance, our dominant field of resonance, overall, and it is that which will draw my experience to me. It is upon that basis that I will attract to me what I am in vibrational harmony with. That may show up as me being kicked out of a job or life I love. The Universe has no qualms about plucking you out of Point A so that when Point B comes along, you won’t miss it. Make no mistake.

Just as you were plucked out of home and placed where you are, out of the frying pan and into the fire so you can burn up the impurities and, oh yes, put all your words on paper in the process. The words can be refined later. Get the grit and heartfelt emotion onto paper now while you feel that river flowing through you. That’s the reason He’s placed you there. The sooner you get that done, the sooner you’ll be out. And if you’re not out right away? He knows you know you’ve got a little more writing to do.

I know I’m a horse of a different color, but the apocalypse I bring is an inner awakening of the deepest sort, with everlasting benefits, destructive of nothing but the personal ego that thinks it’s separate from God. You can dig it. We all need someone to see our light and someone who shines wants to add to the light of the world, it is only natural. I see your light. You shine like a beacon to me.

Do you know how you can go your whole life and have people treat you one way and you think that is how life is and that is who you are and then suddenly you wake up to how life can really be and who you really are, with people who see that in you, and it’s so much better than you ever dreamed of?

It makes all the difference in the world to be around people who believe in you and support your dreams and visions and encourage you. It makes all the difference to know you are seen as who you want to see yourself as, not just who your family or friends saw you as when you were growing up. It makes all the difference in how you treat everyone else as well.