Happy Easter 2015

I love spending holidays alone as days to reflect on my life.  About mid morning, an older red compact minivan with dark tinted windows drove by my house 3 times looking at it so intently they did not see me standing by the hedge watching them as I watered. I drove out to follow and make sure they weren’t lost. A few blocks away they began speeding through the neighborhoods to lose me. I figured I don’t need to be chasing anyone who’s acting crazy. All who wander aren’t lost.  I went for a great ride along the ocean, then bought two garden hoses and a sprinkler at WalMart. I chilled at home and did the laundry, Rain-Xed my windshield, watered the plants, transplanted some cuttings, walked a few miles, talked to the neighbor. I ended the day sitting on the back porch drinking apple juice and basking in the day’s glow.  I spent so many years having to spend holidays at certain houses because of family and social obligations, that now, I am thrilled to be free to stay home on a holiday. Friends and family, I love ya but… Free at last, not kidding.

4-25-15 Update: the mystery of the crazy driving red van on Easter morning has been solved. One looking just like it just picked up the two neighbor kids at the end of the street.