Hanging with April Rane, setting our intention

April Rane, circa mid 90's

April Rane, circa mid 90’s

Yesterday I met with April Rane and we spent the morning going over the details of the upcoming second book in her mystery series, Louisiana Lady. Much of what we spoke of was technical stuff, like software compatibility. We met for breakfast at The Blueberry Muffin across from the ocean in Indialantic. When I saw the red Mustang pull in, I knew it was hers. I wore red and black and thought she might, too. I was wrong, she wore a deep orange and black. We both ordered our coffee black, with Sweet & Low. We ordered the same breakfast: eggs and potatoes, no toast. I’ve known April for 25+ years as a metaphysical teacher and psychic reader. We spent a few minutes catching up about current events and mutual friends, then discussed Magnolia Murders; Louisiana Lady, the first book in her mystery series. I just finished some technical editing for the print version and next will edit her second novel, Bogota Baby. I can’t wait!  We spent some time talking about the characters and how Amazon tracks book sales, then we drove to her home. April lives on AIA in Melbourne Beach and when I saw her place, it exactly fit her. April is very elegant and understated and her home reflects that. A great location with an ocean view, I thought of it as a mini mansion. A reception area, a parlor, lovely bedrooms and large bathrooms, a pool, sunlight flooding in everywhere, but behind cool blinds and shades. The office was my favorite, exactly the kind of room you can imagine a suspense author working from. Her feline familiar stayed close by and liked being talked to but not touched. We talked about our writing styles and habits. I think we’ll have fun working together and am looking forward to it.