Finally, no more competition!

A friend asked if it irked me that someone new in town began a blog because I have a blog, and began doing psychic readings and astrology because I do it.  I told her if she thinks it was done because of me, then I feel grateful and honored to have inspired someone. There’s no reason for it to irk me. There’s plenty to go around and there’s no competition. No one does exactly what I do just as I don’t do exactly what anyone else does.  I don’t compare apples and oranges. She’ll attract the ones she’s in vibrational harmony with and I’ll do the same.  Back in the psychic fair days of the 90’s, I’d do readings at big hotels on the beach and there’d be up to 8 readers.  Lots of walk-in traffic since we were on the billboard on AIA during a holiday weekend. With 200 people coming in for readings, you’d think each reader would get 25 clients but not so.  Some had a line waiting for hours and others did maybe 10 readings the entire weekend.  We each attract what we are in vibrational harmony with, despite mathematical expectation. I’m never in competition with anyone for anything, anywhere.

As a business professional, you want the people who are attracted to what you have to offer, plain and simple.  You don’t have to go all car salesman on someone to talk them into buying what you’ve got.  You don’t need 200 people to attend an event if only 11 are going to buy.  Your market is the 11 who really want it.  Remember that the next time you look out into your audience of 12.  And if you don’t think you can make an honest and lucrative living with just 12 clients, then you just have short vision.  It’s not a numbers game; it’s a consciousness game.  There is plenty to go around and there is no competition, ever.

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