YouTube demystifies Windows 8 for me

I got a life lesson when YouTube demystified Windows 8 for me last week.  Like standing before any other formidable guide and teacher, I was at first intimidated by the new desktop.  Nothing looked familiar. I’d been told nothing worked the same.  Concern began to set in.  But YouTube let me see past the exterior, it let me focus on the similarities rather than be intimidated by the differences.  Worry and doubt left as my perspective changed due to the evolution of my consciousness.  Just like encountering the unfamiliar in Life!  I bought a new computer last week and left it yesterday to have the programs installed. In the meantime I have this laptop, which has everything except the business records and bookkeeping files on it. That means I couldn’t work if I had to without the main computer! It will have Windows 8, which I’d heard horror stories about.  

No nonsense galpal Terri Mermis suggested I check out the Youtube videos and I did.  The first Windows 8 Tutorial video was very non-techy and completely demystified Windows 8 for me.  The second  tutorial video was more techie sounding. I was glad I’d watched the other first so I could know what he was talking about. The videos let me know that, other than the LOOK of Windows 8, it should operate about the same as I’m used to.  That’s because I work in only a few programs, Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Audacity, my bookkeeping and astrology programs.  I don’t do apps or games, so it should be simple and straight forward for me.  If not, it’s nice to have a friend a little higher up on the rung of knowledge about it than I am.  I love attracting friends to give me a hand up when I need it.