Every road trip is an adventure, a blind tarot reading in the car

I had a productive yet relaxing day yesterday.  I worked in the morning, then spent the afternoon running errands with a friend, having lunch, napping.   I asked if he wanted to go to a solstice celebration or drumming circle tomorrow evening 12-21-12, so we may. We’re on the same page, we wait to see how we feel as time approaches rather than carving in stone where we might want to be later.  Often sleep wins out over evening events for me.  I’ve not gone to the gatherings since he returned in Spring, so I am just now getting back into the flow.  I enjoy my solitary celebrations and practices here but also miss the community of shared interest.  I’m also getting my sleep schedule back under control!

We caught up on the events of the last few days, about the people and projects that have our current interest.  We know some really cool people and love sharing the synchronicities we see in what we attract. I dropped him at an appointment and picked him up an hour later.  He asked me the metaphysical intepretation of the diamond.  I asked, “a cut diamond or a diamond in its coming from coal state?” He pulled out a Texas Hold ‘Em playing card he’d found in the parking lot, the seven of diamonds.  He asked what I thought.  My first thought was I’ve been speaking to a friend Bobby J in Texas that this card would be very relevant for, but did not know what Texas might mean for my friend who found the card.  He found the card.  The message was for him.  Or was it?  I’d listen closely in case it was for my friend as well.
I gave him my interpretation and told him diamonds were the pentacles of the tarot, representing coins or dollars. The seven of pentacles represents taking stock, reevaluating and much more. I suggested we pull out the tarot and do a blind spread, since it was a significant found item.  I like to do three cards, with the question held in mind only, and not spoken aloud.  I did not want him to feel inhibited.

I had him hold his yes/no questions in mind.  Each card would also represent situation, obstacle and outcome, depending on placement.  I initially felt I might know who the question was about or on behalf of, but they were not a Texas person. I was glad for the mystery of it, the mystery introduced that astral quality that lets me flow right in, it leaves that empty space of not knowing, so no guessing is possible.  I live most comfortably in that place of mystery, in the trance of enchantment in that moment before discovery.

The first question showed no answer: undecided, maybe.  The cards reflected a three month or three year wait until a project comes to fruition.  That was significant for both of us relating to a different, ongoing project of his, as his astrology a year ago pointed out. I did not know the meaning for this blind question. I didn’t need to know.

The second (blind) question was on behalf of a project I don’t know about.  It showed funds coming from  a woman in authority yet behind the scenes, flowing to one coming out of troubled times and worried about past communications and media. I feel a benefactor shrouded in secret will come to the aid of the one being asked about, the Texas connection. In typing this, I get a distinct “media” vibe so secret funding for a media project is huge, yay, good news for someone!  I’ve learned the happier I am for everyone else’s happiness, the more happiness the Universe brings my way.  It never fails.

We were doing the tarot in the car as we drove homeward, it was pretty fun.  We make all our road trips fun, even trips to the market. Everything is a stage for our delight.  To me that’s the secret to a happy life, make it a happy life even in seemingly mundane moments.  When you’re awake and conscious, there ARE no mundane moments, every Now moment is sacred. We stopped for lunch then came home and crashed.  I love days like that, days of fun and synchronicities and working in the mystery of it all.  Dropping exhausted into bed after having had a blast all day, muscles glad to release and feel the soft mattress.  Drifting in and out of sleep recalling the joy of the day and feeling the joy of the moment.  Eager to wake up in a few hours and do it all over again.