Don’t be so quick to get close

I had an interesting session last night, but a universal scenario for friends “seeking their soulmate”. If you want to save yourself heartbreak, wasted time and aggravation, don’t be so quick to move in with someone, don’t be too quick to make a long distance relationship local. There is magic in taking time to get to know someone. Don’t think you know them until you have seen them unhappy and angry and insecure. Don’t think you know them until you have met family and friends from the past and see how they react to old stories told about them. Don’t think you know who they are until you’ve spent at least 7500 hours with them, whether it takes three years to do that or whether it takes one. Everyone wants to get married during the infatuation period before they get to know someone, that’s universal also. The real test is when they are in your face everyday for days and weeks and months at a time so you can see the different facets of their personality.

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