Domino’s lymphoma diagnosis doesn’t get her down

A friend, diagnosed last week with lymphoma, wrote me:  “Have you ever been in a new place that at first seems frightening, then suddenly becomes marvelous? At first you may feel a little sorry for yourself, because that is just how you are supposed to feel in a situation like that. Then suddenly everything reverses and there is no place you would rather be. It is euphoric, exciting and you just cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Few people may understand that, but I know you do. This is why I love sharing some things with you. Just think how wonderful things will be in a week, a month, and so on.   God, this is a beautiful place to be and so many blessings to look forward to, to those who can see it as I know you can and I am beginning to more and more… God Bless those whose eyes are beginning to open!! Thank you for sharing your life with us and giving us the courage to share. I love hearing about your critters, your kitties, the coziness of your life…” I love that attitude.  Modern medicine is amazing.  Treatment now is less debilitating, the survival rate can be over 90%. While her thoughts will change and morph as she undergoes chemo, she is entering this new adventure with a good attitude.  She’s someone who is grateful and appreciative, and she looks for the good in every situation.  Someone like that will always be fine.

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