Camping in the woods under the full moon

Saturday, April 11, 2009. Well, I had an awesome time yesterday.  I goofed off more than I planned to, but that’s a good thing since I don’t plan too much goof off time.  My pal Joy brought me over a container grow box she made for my birthday.  Her yard is a maze of gardens and planters and grow boxes.  Her boxes are full of strawberries and such, but mine has become my herb garden.  I planted basil, peppers, rosemary and stevia in it.    I eat so much fresh basil and rosemary that it just makes sense to grow my own.  That’s not so easy to do in my yard anymore, however, since I have such nice, high shade over most of it.  The herb garden I planted several years ago now has half a dozen very sparse and leggy rosemary plants in it and it no longer gets the sun that it used to.  With the grow box, I can place it smack dab in the middle of the back yard all day long, and just move it when I want to mow.  One year she gave me a really cool homemade herbal vinegar she made, with sprigs of rosemary in it.  I made it last as long as I could.  Now that’s someone who knows how to give a gift.  No wonder they call her Joy.

I decided to camp out in the east woods last night.  I didn’t want to set up my nice roomy tent that I’d gotten from Jane & Angie at Heavensent Wellness, so I fashioned a tarp tent by throwing it over a long, lower branch.  I know in my yard to always sleep on a bit of a platform, since there are lots of slithery and crawly critters at night, so I made a quick one from a few cinder blocks and 1×4’s and made my bed on top.  Perfectly comfortable, safe from the rain and dew, safe from the crawlies and slitherers, yet right in the midst of the action.  I’d brought my chimenea over so I could do a safe and contained fire ceremony and burning bowl.  Earlier in the week, I’d cut some bay and camphor branches from my trees and saved them for the next fire.  It was the most aromatic burning bowl ceremony ever.

It was the perfect end to a perfect birthday.  My two kitties were there, Izzy and YinYang.  All night long I could hear the night animals moving about.  From my little bed I could see in the moonlight a raccoon family, a lone opposum, and 3 armadillos.  I could hear something that sounded kind of big but a glance at the kitties’ reactions told me that whatever it was, it was supposed to be there.

Today I begin working on the May Horizons.  My desk is clear of old work and I’m caught up and life is good.

AND it looks like rain.  Does it get any better than this?

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