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Sunday, April 12, 2009.   Happy Easter Sunday. I’m so lazy today, I’m not even going to exercise my brain.  I like having these mindless segments sometimes.  When I get in these moods when I am at work, I usually sign on to Facebook for a few minutes and make some short post and it gives me a breather.  So instead of a blog post today, which I’m too lazy to even think about, and in the spirit of recycling, below are what I’ve posted in Facebook the past week.  In Facebook, when you “make a post”, your photo and your name appears in front of each post:

Andrea de Michaelis  is lazy… eating spinach out of the bag while jasmine brown rice cooks.

Andrea de Michaelis I mixed 3/4 jasmine brown rice with 1/4 Thai red rice tonight. Double yum. I’d lose 20 pounds if I didn’t eat 2 cups of rice every day…she says eating rice.

Andrea de Michaelis chatted with Arielle Ford this morning, got some good info.

Sauteeing some brussels sprouts to go with the ubiquitous jasmine brown rice in yet another stirfry for dinner. A blob of Siricha chili sauce and it’s good to go.

eggs are now in the cardinal nest.

Just came in from taking a full moonbath. Loving this weather, loving life. Does it get any better than this? Oh yes, fat girl kitty just jumped onto the desk *I am complete*

Eating a loquat and watching mama cardinal back on her nest.

doing bookkeeping. I love that all my peeps pay on time. Vibrational match!

so far this week I am ignoring 18 Event invitations, 25 Group Invitations and 54 Application requests *but I love you guys anyway* I’ll be there in spirit!

is now eating fresh mulberries off my tree and shredding papers. I am shredding all the world’s problems at the same time. You’re welcome.

the mom and pop cardinal are both at the birdbath. I’m gonna go check the egg while they’re away from the nest.. I’ll report back…

Gag – too much incense going on in here. Going for a full moon bike ride. Every full moon I sit outside, watch it rise and review what I’ve done since last full moon. What do you want to do by the next one, 28 days from now?

a beautiful new day just waiting to dawn. Life is good.

I always hate to see the night time go but oh the sun is so nice.

There are now 3 eggs in the cardinal basket!

My Nokia 6555 cell phone battery just died and I ordered another online. It lasted me 14 months! I am now leaving the house for the first time in 19 years without the cell phone. Am I brave or what? Ok, I’m just going a mile away… but still…

Making a bean soup for lunch and watching papa cardinal feed the mama on the nest – through binoculars from living room. I bought them some fresh sunflower seeds today.

I can learn a lot by watching the cardinals in the nest at the window. They feed each other, they have each others’ backs at the birdbath.

just put on a 2 piece swimsuit for the first time in years and is not horrified.

just saw I have a spare cell phone in supply closet with a fresh battery. Hmmm, decision time… bareback it completely without cell phone for a few days, or put it in purse just in case? How brave am I now that I have a choice?

Andrea de Michaelis is sated

On 4-11-09 I posted a photo of mama cardinal on the nest.

Andrea de Michaelis drinking hot green tea with a stevia leaf from my garden in it – sweet.

just watched an entire tv show start to finish. Sarah Plain and Tall – loved it! I’m gonna find me a frontier man.

is eating jasmine brown rice with brussels sprouts and watching mama cardinal on her nest, papa bringing her food. Oblivious Izzy sitting bathing 6 feet away…

Today’s posts: just had a loquat, mulberry and stevia leaf salad for breakfast – all out of my own yard!  Mama cardinal is on the nest; day 7 since I saw the first egg in nest.  Countdown to April 17 for Spring 2009 Hatch Watch

Andrea de Michaelis trimmed back a tree today and severed a major squirrelway offramp, which they discovered and began fussing about.  So I just had to go out there and cut a bamboo branch and give them a bypass until the branches grow back.  Sheesh!

Andrea de Michaelis Oh no, I’m turning into a hedonist: just bought an electric can opener.  Does everyone know about these?

believe it or not, going out to chop wood and carry water

just wove a bamboo and grapevine fence in front of the shed; planted lotus tree cuttings and watered everything. Mama and papa cardinal at the bird bath, so I peeked in the nest. 3 lil eggs…

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