Cali Pho, Mowing my own yard

I’ve been working on the Sept Horizons.  I went to Cali Pho for lunch, the Vietnamese place I go in Melbourne, and had a salad with grilled chicken on it, and a veggie pho with cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli with rice noodles.  I was a good girl, I barely ate any of my noodles.   Cali Pho is a fave place of mine, I go several times a week.  I am a big soup eater, I like soup with every meal, it’s my comfort food.  So having a giant soup is a giant comfort.  Plus when it comes down to it, all I am eating is a low or no fat broth and a cup of vegetables.  When I eat the fresh vegetarian spring rolls, all I’m eating is a no fat rice paper wrap of bean sprouts, carrots and vermicilli noodles with spices. So these are already two real lowfat and low calorie and filling dishes.  Then I get a salad and sometimes the chicken salad, and even that is grilled so it’s low fat.  And that big giant lunch is way low fat and low calorie and real filling and only like $12.  I love the dressing they use for the salad, it’s a dipping sauce made of fish sauce and vinegar and palm sugar, I dip my spring rolls in it instead of the peanut sauce.  I was glad to discover Cali Pho because I am so used to eating most meals out my whole life and can no longer just eat anywhere.  So I learned to satisfy my food addictions by changing what kind of taste satisfied me.  Instead of a heavy fatty meal giving me the most comfort, now the idea of it is just oily to me.  Now I like to feel I am filling my body and bloodstream with clear, light foods, foods that have a lot of water in them, that I am continually flushing out my system so the energy can flow through me unimpeded.  That’s the feeling I go for.  

It was pouring when I left the house about noon to “go in to town”.  It had been dark and storming and lightning for about a half hour, but I knew it might not be raining in Melbourne and I knew it wouldn’t last.  It was clear in Melbourne and had stopped raining by the time I got back home.

Last night about 8pm I went outside and mowed my lawn.  I’d thought about it off and on all day but wanted to keep working on the mag as long as I could.  Then at 8pm I just went outside and did it.  It stopped halfway thru, so I figured I needed to add gas, so one tank of gas for it lasts for two and a half mowings of my yard.  A tank is maybe a half gallon or something?

I sprayed bug spray on me before going outside; here in my woodsy yard you have to, and the weather was nice and cool from the rain.  The grass was almost dry so it was easy to cut.  I am glad I cut in the swale out front, because after today’s rain, it is filled with water.  We must be getting some good rain because I’ve never had the swale full of water before, not even after the hurricanes.  Maybe we’ve just got less drainage now and maybe because of all the construction or something…..  anyway, at least it’s making the grass grow nice and lush out there.

It was kinda neat mowing my own yard. I always go around clipping branches and rooting them in the ground to make hedges, but I hadn’t done the mowing part of it myself since maybe 1990.  I felt very suburban.


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