As a Journalist, How Do I Spin My Stories and Why? Why Do I Choose to Focus on What’s Right With the World?

Everyone has their own agenda for how they want the world around them to work.  The media knows the best way to get people to think and act a particular way is to proclaim publicly that people already think and act that way.  Have you noticed that?  The media is smart.  They know if they can draw enough attention to a particular thoughtform, that thoughtform becomes strengthened and takes on a life of its own.  What this amounts to is self fulfilling prophecy.  The weatherman talks about gloomy skies and rain and we all get bummed out and attract more gloomy skies.  The news anchor talks about everyone pulling out of the stock market, so everyone starts pulling out of the stock market.  Someone publicly proclaims a certain ethnic group as terrorists and… you get my drift.  When people hear it and see it often enough in print that they begin to believe it’s true. An amazing number of voters believe that what they see in the media is accurate.  And that’s what they count on, “they” being the big dollar wielding buyers of advertising, who have their own agenda of what they want you to believe.  And they always want you to believe you need what they are trying to sell you, whether it’s a product or a politician.

I’ve learned to stay away from the news.  As a journalist, I recognize the hype.  Journalists, by definition, put information in their own words and make it creative in their own way so it will draw attention.  Personally, my attention is never drawn to doom and gloom.  My attention is drawn by the most hopeful “what if?”  My attention is drawn by demonstrations of unwavering faith in the face of adversity.  If, as a journalist, it is my choice as to what I wish to draw the reader’s attention to, then this is it:

What I’d like is for everyone to realize you are a soul encased within a body, a body which is your vehicle to use for this lifetime,  This means keep the vehicle running efficiently. You’ll save on repair costs and get a longer run.

A soul encased within a body also means you have control of the mind, and it is yours to use and command.   Your mind operates outside the physical brain and survives it after physical death of the body.

What I’d like is for everyone to realize is keeping the vehicle running efficiently also applies to keeping your mind active with interests, goals and curiosities.  You bored?  Unmotivated?  Do something about it.

What I’d like is for everyone to realize they participate in creating the reality they experience.  This means you.  You create and attract into your own experience.  Not that of your mother or your father or your ex or your mate or your children or your coworkers.  Just you.  Stop wasting energy thinking about what’s going on with them and begin to delve deeply into getting your own act together.  They will then miraculously also fall into place.

What I’d like is for everyone to realize is that no matter what is going on with anyone around you, you can have a different experience.

No matter what the media says is happening to the economy, you can have a different experience.

What I’d like is for everyone to realize is that if you simply keep your attention focused on what is going RIGHT in the world, in your community, in your neighborhood, in your home, you will bring more of that to light and you will help it increase and grow.

This is what is meant by participating in creating the reality you experience.  Look for the positive aspects, think the more hopeful thoughts, daydream the most fanciful, fun “what if” best case scenarios.  Don’t worry about what anyone else is thinking or doing.

I spin my stories this way because it’s the way I have learned to see the world, and how I see the world and respond to it determines my experience.   I put this spin on my words because it makes people hopeful, it gives them a glimpse of what can be, it gives them a respite from their constant bombardment with everything that’s wrong with the world.  I want to give them another view, from standing in my shoes, of how the world can look and how life can be.

And how about you? What spin do you put on the things you talk about with friends?  That the world is a friendly, loving place or that we should all be shivering in our boots waiting for the axe to fall?

How do you spin your stories?

What are YOU trying to convince everyone in YOUR world of?


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