Meditation Twice a Day Keeps the Outside World at Bay

Sit twice a day

Sit twice a day

At 4:00 each morning and afternoon, I sit for meditation.  For me, an hour twice a day keeps the outside world at bay.  That doesn’t mean I deny the existence of the outside, physical, material 3D world, simply that I keep a safe distance from it.  No matter what is going on around me, every 12 hours I take time to sit and re-connect with that deep, peaceful place within me.  I have a place of deep inner peace because I take daily time to cultivate it each time I sit to meditate.  Meditation can be likened to the fog that you walk in and then are surprised to arrive home soaking wet.

Each time you sit to meditate builds upon the last time.  Each time you relax into it a little more.  Each time you become a little more receptive.  You know you’re making progress when you recognize that your initial boredom is simply a trick of your mind revolting against you, as it recognizes you taking away some of its power.  The mind, left on its own, unfocused, will fire thoughts continually if you let it.  That’s good.  The job of the mind is to make observations about your environment, form opinions and judgments, and it’s good at all of that.

It just needs a little discipline to become quiet at will and to focus when you direct it to, such as during your creative visualization practice.  Twice a day I remind myself that I am not my mind, but my mind is mine to use and direct.  I’m the boss.  So now when I find myself thinking I am bored when sitting for meditation, I remind myself that is just another thought.  And I let it go and continue to sit and breathe.  And another thought, and again I let it go, and continue to sit and breathe.

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