A wandering the halls dream with Dr. Mary and she’s got a message

I am again wandering the halls of a large building looking for the room I was supposed to meet up with ___ ?  At one point I became lucid and began playing with being lucid in the dream, but I don’t recall now just how.  Something about jumping from large flat rock to large flat rock.  In this dream, I remembered a previous dream of months ago where I was afraid to put a key in a lock because I thought it would break off inside and it began to melt in my hand.   Dr. Mary Horgan was showing me around a large museum like hall with many rooms and showing me various museum pieces.  She was like the docent or something, showing me around very graciously.  She wondered what to do if the storm water came in the house and she couldn’t reach anyone and felt afraid.  She brought our mutual friend V to mind and as if she “knows” some situation and she “forgives” the situation.  The river is rising and suddenly the scene is a sweat lodge at Sunshine Jim’s property on the river  and Dr. Mary is saying to V, Albert Villoldo’s words ‘clean up your river.”  I just read those words this last week in his article. 

The scene switches to a small home but with some museum pieces in it.  Dr. Mary letting me know some of them are very valuable and no one may know that.  I get the impression she wants me to tell RVD to sell a particular piece but when I try to focus on it, it blurs and the scene changes.  In the moment I know what it is, but now I don’t recall.
end of dream

The day I awoke from this dream, RVD sent out an email asking for donations.  Several years before, he had inherited a home and furniture from Dr, Mary.  He and I did not always get along, although all that is almost 15 years in the past.  I replied to his email: “I just got this as I sat down to write to you (after much hesitation) about Dr. Mary coming to me last night in a dream.  You know me long enough to know that I don’t go around telling people: “oh, I have a message for you from spirit“, thus my hesitation.  I don’t have a lot of time to go into it and I’ve never been to your place or hers, but she was pointing out furniture/furnishings that you’re stopping your own cosmic flow by not doing your part to release.  If I had to do a quick interpretation with little time to do so, and again my hesitation, you’ve got something valuable to sell and she’s not attached to you selling it.  Although, and I’m not being flip and I’m not telling anyone else this story, she seems overly amused by the fact that you’re “under the illusion you have nothing when you have everything in your hand and still can’t see it.”  And again, not being flip, “some things never change.”   I just re-read this and again I hesitate to send it, mostly given our history – my issue, not yours – but feel compelled, so here it is.

I received no response.  I didn’t expect one.

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