A dream of slow going, getting lost and being forced onstage

standing-in-spotlightI had a recurring theme in a dream last night.  In the dream, I have a long way to walk and the walking is slow going.   I sometimes walk backwards in order to walk faster, or I grab objects along the path (trees, fences, tall rocks) to pull me along faster.  I’m aware of how strong my arm muscles are as I grab the object and use my strength to pull me up level with it.   Another recurring theme usually in the same dream is that I am looking for something or someone and keep going down the wrong hallway.  In last night’s dream, I was in a big warehouse with my business partner Wes, and we go to 2 separate checkout lines to see which once goes fastest.  Then I see his line is going faster and realize I have the money but he has the item, so I try to make my way over to where he is.  It’s about a block away but I can see him because I am one story higher.   I just have to find a way to maneuver through the aisles to get where he is, since once I am on the ground floor again, I can’t see how to get to him.  Then galpal Christine Galvin comes along and I think, “I’ll follow her, she’ll know the way.”

Then she begins leading me through all sorts of hallways and aisles of tall stacked boxes of equipment.  Even though she seems confident we’re going the right way, I begin to doubt it and begin looking for an escape route.   I make a different turn than she does and since I’m behind her, she doesn’t notice I’ve separated from her.  Then I turn again and suddenly she walks right in the window in front of me and I begin following her again.  I jumped out the next window but when I soft land on the ground on my feet, she is again in front of me as though nothing happened.  I figure since it happened twice then it must be a sign to keep following her, that she will get me there.

Then the scene changes and it’s a different huge building, the size of a Sam’s Warehouse but it contains all meeting rooms.  None of the hallways look familiar and I begin peeking into the rooms, one by one.   Each time I open a door there is a full room, maybe 200 people, and the person on the dias is introducing me and pointing to me so that everyone turns to look.  I am confused but know I don’t belong in there, so I peek in the next door where the same thing happens.

At the third door, someone is behind me and softly pushes me inside as I am being announced and pointed out, and takes my arm to escort me to the dias.   They are  so tall (maybe 8-10 feet) and I cannot see their face although I feel their hand strong on my arm.  I have no choice but to go up with them, so I pull the old turnaround:

I see the banners around the room and the name tags on the organizers who are all sitting in the first row, so I begin talking about what good work the organization does and thanking the people whose names I see in the seats in front of me.  I say I’m honored to be here among people who do such good work and I’d like to turn the microphone now over to (the one who escorted me onstage,) but as I turn to read their name tag and say their name and hand off the mike, they are no longer there although I still feel their hand on me.   I quickly say the name of the first person I see, who is clearly confused and I thank her and walk off the dias and quickly out the door to  standing ovation.

I walk into the unfamiliar hallway, wondering what the heck just happened but thinking I’ll give it some thought time later and figure it out.  Right now I just want to find the way out of there.  I wake up.

Thoughts on possible meanings:   The “walking backwards to get there faster” is a lifelong dream theme.  I think it has to do with turning around to see things from another perspective.  The “pulling myself along using objects along the path I’m walking” I think might be the people I reach out to for help along the way.  The “wandering trying to find the right door” is I think just because I’m a seeker.

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