A festival at the bird bath; Izzy gets fired

There is really a festival of birds going on outside my office window at the bird bath.    I can’t identify what everyone is, but there is a pair of cardinals, who are regular visitors, and a big red topped woodpecker.  There are two little finchy looking birds and one darkish brown with an orange underbelly bird that I wondered if he was a robin.  They take turns having baths, each watching out for the other.  Lke Rev. Michael Beckwith says, “taking care of each other”.

I walked through the Mt. Dora Art Festival yesterday, I love being outside when the air is cool and the sun is shining.  I like to especially look at the paintings and am always seeking new cover art.

It feels weird to work on a Sunday.  I mean, being self employed, I work some every day but very seldom all day long on a Sunday.   My family likes to have the house to themselves all day 🙂

Now fired: IZZY

But on a Sunday I can sneak outside every few hours and bask in the sunlight and sweep off the driveway and water the plants and rake up the bamboo leaf deadfall.  I can go hunt the kitties down and see where they are hanging out this bright sunny day.  I surprised Izzy by walking right up on him as he lay basking in a sunny spot on one of the trails.  He jumped up startled with his fur all rumpled and his sleepy face on.  I thought cats were supposed to hear us coming from a long ways away?  Sheesh, Izzy is fired from neighborhood watch.

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