Running on empty *those ink cartridges are NOT empty yet*

My Brother is an overeater.  Not my brother Jerry, but my Brother MFC-665CW printer.  I’m not proud of it, so I am teaching him to not be so greedy.  He’s like a little kid that has an ice cream cone in one hand and wants another before he finishes the first.  Just before I printed out 86 invoices, he asked for a new black ink cartridge.  I knew better and didn’t replace it yet.  Ten invoices in, he asked for a new cyan ink cartridge.  Hmmm.  I stood my ground.  86 invoices later, the black and cyan ink both look fine and I haven’t yet replaced the cartridges. So, if you want your ink to last longer, simply hit the OK button when you get the “replace cartridge” message and it will bypass and print for you.

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