Email to a new friend, we’ve been exchanging biographical info. “I wanted to explain that in asking what you’ve read and studied and done, etc. is not to see how “well educated” or well read you are, rather to have a context within which to take in what you say to me and have a point of reference so I may understand you.  I don’t give you my bibliography and resume of metaphysical grokkage to impress you, I simply mention them so if you know the topics, you know where I’m coming from and you know how I am using the terms.  It’s like you discussing sound and music with friends.  You and I will not have as deep and complexly layered a discussion about it as you and another musician might.  You and he would both share a knowledge that goes far beyond my superficial understanding.  You and he are aware of nuances I know nothing of, and you and he share ‘the secret language” which completely escapes me. That’s all, I’m just trying to discover what secret languages we already mutually share, if any, in the interest of getting to know each other.
### end of email

On the way to bed I looked out my bedroom window and saw the land had dried enough so that I could go rescue a fallen archway.   The archway was made from the oak that came down on my back porch in 2004. My yard guy cut it in half, saving the giant philodendron (or whatever they are) and “planting” the halves in the ground about a foot.  They came down in the storm.  The trunks are rotted anyway.  So I pulled the plants away from the rotted inside and made a new pathway and laid them alongside it.  Then I just raked the dead stumps etc around it to mulch it up nice and covered lots of the philo with mounds of good dirt so they will stay alive.   Today was the first day the ground was dry enough to walk on and not sink in up to my ankles in mush, so I wanted to clean it up before the next storm comes along.

Sleep is forgotten for now.  I went out and took pics of the yard, which I do a lot.  I like there to be a symbolic something you walk under to step into the space.  Right now I’ve just got a length of bamboo stretched between a pine and a tree branch in the east garden.  I moved a plaster  angel grotto farther back and to the right, and raked a new pathway of sorts.  Giant philodendrons are to the right and left of the swept walkway, just lying on the ground with dirt and mulch atop, waiting for the rains.

One of my bigger bamboo stalks broke about 25 feet up, I can reach it to pull on it but am not strong enough to twist it free.  I will try again after I’ve slept.  My bamboo is going crazy!  I have 5 new babies that I can see.  Possibly more, since I mulch up about a foot above the ground around it.  Bamboo grows so fast you can hear it.

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