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The May 2016 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

The May Horizons is now online at  As of  2016, we are honored to have nationally known Maya White doing the monthly horoscopes. Maya White is a Master Destination Astrologer and one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a specialized branch of astrology which helps people find their perfect place on earth for love, prosperity, and personal growth.

Maya White

Maya White

Visit Maya’s website and for an introduction to Maya White, read here   Here are the May horoscopes:


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Please pray for some Cassadaga friends

angels cryingCassadaga friends: mutual friends tell me Victor’s been posting on his public Facebook accusing his sister of wrongdoing in their dad’s death, saying a $400,000 bond was ordered by the court because there’s a question of integrity. A probate bond is standard when someone challenges a will as Vic is doing. The amount ordered is a percentage of the assets, nothing to do with integrity. It’s math.  Victor does not know the law. He cites inapplicable law out of context. He said they were in family court and the judge heard criminal allegations. It’s a Probate matter and that’s not how Probate court works. He fabricated what happened in court.  He was instructed to stop. Continue reading

I always have a Plan A, B, C and D

plan A plan B focusSince I’m spontaneous and apt to change my mind at the last minute, I don’t get irked when others do the same. I was scheduled to meet a pal this morning and she had a change of plans. She wanted to play instead. I get that! So I switched my Monday duties with Tuesday’s and problem solved. I always have a Plan B, and a Plan C and D as well. If I didn’t, well I’d just take note of where I am and what I need, and focus on the next best step.

I don’t get why some books are popular

diamonds on blueI just finished a book that people are raving about. Everyone except those who’ve had a session with the author, a self described medical medium. I catch things the casual reader misses. It’s not much different than other books in the genre. The first part is the promotional back story of how amazing the author is from an early age, and that no one else does what he does. Like other books of its type, he gives case histories of people he’s diagnosed and healed. He mentions a dozen popular diseases, his theory on the origins and gives advice on nutritional supplements. Publishing in the body/mind/spirit genre, I received review copies of every new release since 1992 so I see patterns in books that casual readers don’t see. Many books are reworded compilations.    Continue reading

i love youWorking in the side yard, Fed Ex drops a box at my door. I know he doesn’t see me so I call out, “thank you!” I swore he called back “I love you!” We hear what we want to hear.

If you’re disappointed in how the election is going

woman run up stairs textTo anyone who’s disappointed, stay hopeful. It’s still progress. It took more than one election cycle to put this system in place, it will take more than one to morph it. No matter who’s elected, no matter by what means, don’t take score too soon. It’s still progress. More people are more aware than at this time last year. Too little too late? Matters not. Rigged voting? Matters not. Give this stew time to brew. Change is in the air. We’re stronger than we think. It’s still progress. I’m hopeful.

This is how a human being can change: there’s a worm addicted to eating grape leaves. Suddenly he wakes up, call it grace, whatever, something wakes him, and he’s no longer a worm. He’s the entire vineyard,and the orchard too, the fruit, the trunks, a growing wisdom and joy that doesn’t need to devour.

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Rainbow Nation, a good idea, not a Native prophecy

"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow." NOT a Native american prophecy

“When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.” NOT a Native american prophecy

I agree with what Nicholas Wood of Sacred Hoop Magazine says below. A Rainbow Nation is a great idea, but it’s not a Native prophecy. This meme shows Fedora Poligus, a shaman from Siberia, not a Native American. The origin of the “prophecy” is a 1962 book titled Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown. The idea of the Rainbow Nation got picked up by early environmentalists and spread. It’s a compelling and inspirational idea but it’s not a Native prophecy. We can still make the earth green again. We can still call ourselves warriors of the rainbow. But this is NOT a Native american prophecy.

Nicholas Breeze Wood writes: “Trawling through my home page this morning, to see what my friends are doing, I came across this photo several times. I think it’s a loverly idea – the Rainbow Nation – but in the spirit of accuracy I really have to comment.”     Continue reading

Drop the rock in your hand and God will fill it with diamonds

diamonds in handA friend just wrote that “evil beings have created the human experience and all his life he’s been doing his best to stop them”. What he doesn’t realize is that by continuing to talk about everything he sees that’s going wrong, every plot, every conspiracy, all he’s doing is perpetuating the misery and anxiety in his own life. He’s holding on literally to old stuff for fear of what will happen. He doesn’t realize that as soon as he lets go, his eyes will open to new opportunity.  He doesn’t realize that when you drop the rock in your hand, God can fill it with diamonds.

Untrained psychics please hone your skills

Adam Bernstein had a channel offer him an unsolicited message. Adam wrote “Against better judgment I said “OK” so her “spirit” message was “there is a lady who you like but she’s going to break your heart”.  There is so much wrong with that statement where do I begin?” (His entire post is below.)  I agree with Adam. I’ve had that happen to me many times in my 30+ years as a psychic. If they insist on giving me a reading I did not ask for, I let them have their say and I say thank you. What the untrained and unexperienced do not realize is that if they ‘see’ a problem, they can also look past it and see what the remedy is. They have to ask to see past it. They can look at the disaster and look past it to see what good will come after.  If all they talk about are the hard times, they don’t have the vision and insight to see past it. The clearer we are in our own life, the more unadulterated the message will be because it is not clouded by our own emotional astral filter. If you are a psychic and all you are seeing is images and visions of disasters, you just need to train yourself to see past the disaster. Have some system in place to create a timeline in your mind so that when you see the disaster you can step past it and see what comes next. What comes next is always of more importance.   Here’s Adam’s entire post. It’s a good one.    Continue reading

Not today Windows 10

not today satan needlepointMy computer guru from the Lake Worth computer repair service just removed all the Windows10 stuff Microsoft kept loading into my system hoping I’d let them activate it. It was taking five seconds to move between screens and two minutes to restart.

I knew WIN10 was lurking in the background because when he removed it last time, it fixed my problem.  If you’re getting notifications to upgrade, that means they’ve already installed the files in your system, it happens little by little with each update. If you click on “schedule to install” that just activates it. He unistalled it using the GWX control panel, see –>

I also had him disable programs from loading at start up and uninstalled ones I don’t use. We opened all my programs at once and the only thing I noticed was different was a handful of nonstandard fonts were no longer available. I replaced them with available fonts, problem solved. The computer is once again fine and fast! Oh, WIn10 you may get me someday but not today. “I got troubles, Lord, but not today. They’re gonna wash away. They’re gonna wash away.”  Wash Away Joe Purdy