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I live on a non-24 hour circadian rhythm

circadian chartMy brain and body are not on a 24 hour clock.  Since I work from home, I can make my own schedule to successfully earn income.  My unorthodox schedule, however, definitely impacts my professional obligations and social relationships.  I Googled to see what info there was online and learned about Non-24, which is a circadian rhythm disorder.  The circadian clock modulates many physiological rhythms,  including sleeping/waking.  Those with non-24 experience sleep disturbance when their circadian rhythms drift out of sync with the social/solar 24-hour day and they attempt to conform to a conventional schedule. Eventually, their rhythms drift back into normal alignment, and symptoms resolve, only to recur as the clock drifts out of alignment again.  That sounded like it.  I first learned about circadian rhythms when I had a friend who was totally blind. Without sensory input of light, his body could not produce particular chemicals so his sleep was chronically disturbed.  So when my own patterns of sleeping and waking began to change, I kind of knew what was happening.  Continue reading

Mellor’s Automotive keeps my Toyota Prius in shape

toyota-prius-whiteI love my 2007 Toyota Prius! I average 45 mpg on every tank of gas since I bought her in 2008, and I make my last payment next month. I’ve always been good about having oil changes and tires rotated on time, and only grace of God and Guru let me go maybe 30 months ignoring maintenance lights with no damage. This week, I finally had it checked out. My pal Bo Frazer has the same car and years ago referred me to Mellor’s Automotive in Melbourne, FL. They are European and hybrid car specialists who work on Mercedes, Audi, VW, and my Toyota Prius. I had to have some tweaking done, some minor repair and replace, some flushing out and topping off. It cost me about half of what I expected. I got to use the wifi and work while I listened to Don the service mgr make and take calls. He’s a cool guy who knows his stuff. I picked my little car up and she drives like a dream now. Best of all, no surprise charges at the last minute. I’m thrilled to find these guys. They are at 7709 Ellis Road in Melbourne, just west of Wickham Road. 321-956-1997 email and visit  Their FB page is

Time to get back in daily workout mode!

no slackingSlacking time is over! I let myself get so caught up in computer work that I forget to get aerobic on a daily basis. I spent time last night viewing workout videos to psych myself up after a few months of ever-decreasing workouts. I’ve decided I either need a workout partner to do early mornings at the gym with me, or I need to change my perception that I need anything outside myself to motivate me. I hurt my foot, hurt my knee, caught a giant cold, I’ve been using every excuse to keep myself from taking the 6 minute drive to Planet Fitness to walk the treadmill each morning. Walking the treadmill inspires me to get on the machines. The more I go, the more excited I get about going. I need the balance. I just need to make myself show up and do it.   Continue reading

Finding words to express what it feels to lose someone I’ve never lost

Our Mataji, Ma Yoga Shakti

Our Mataji, Ma Yoga Shakti

I cannot grieve when I know there is no separation.  My mother passed in 1996,  but there’s been no grief as I still feel her with me.  I know that’s how it works.  Beloved guru Ma Yoga Shakti left her body this week and passed on to the next stage of her journey. When we check out of our physical body, our work takes on a new dimension.  I was drawn to move from Miami in 1983 and have my home built just 6.9 miles from her Palm Bay ashram Yoga Shakti Mission.  She was a disciplined teacher.  She did not coddle; it was all about taking what you learn and doing practical work with it in the world.  The guru/disciple relationship is a very private, internal, subjective relationship.  It goes beyond darshan and satsang, beyond having conversations and attending events.  There is an inner connection made strong through daily meditation and internal dialogue.  You essentially practice a separation of consciousness to enable you to experience your existence apart from your physical body.  In doing so, you come to know the Universe as being responsive to your thoughts and internal dialogue.   Continue reading

Ma Yoga Shakti entered Mahasamadhi February 20, 2015

Our Mataji, Ma Yoga Shakti Mahasamadhi 2-20-15

Our Mataji, H.H. Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati Maha Mandleshwar, entered Mahasamadhi 2-20-15

On February 20, 2015, H. H. Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati Maha Mandleshwar entered mahasamadhi.   Grief doesn’t have to be grim.  We check out of our physical bodies so our work can take on a new dimension. When we die a physical death, when we pass from this Earth plane, we move on to the next where we survive in consciousness and continue what we incarnated to do.

IN FLORIDA, a Bhajan program in Mataji’s honor was held in the Durga Temple at Palm Bay Ashram, Yoga Shakti Mission, 3895 Hield Rd NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907  Sunday, February 22, 2015 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm. Yoga Shakti Mission,  321-725-4024 Email Palm Bay ashram at

IN NEW YORK, a celebration was held Sunday at 1:00pm at Ma Yoga Shakti International Mission Yogashakti Yoga Center, 114-41 Lefferts Boulevard, S. Ozone Park, NY 11420 call 718.641.0402 and 718.529.2153 Email New York ashram at

IN NEW YORK, a celebration will be held Saturday March 28, 2015, at 3 p.m.   A Life Dedicated to Service.  Through deep devotion to God, strong determination, single-mindedness, and constant tapas, Mataji has been able to accomplish so much. Not only are her spiritual and material accomplishments enormous, but more importantly she has personally touched, transformed, and elevated countless lives. She was truly a loving Mother who showered her blessings on all that came to her. She will remain in our hearts forever.

About Mataji April 2, 1927 — February 20, 2015.

Suhag A. Shukla in Huffington Post on Ma Yoga Shakti: “Today we have amazing women like Ma Yoga Shakti, the adopted guru of my in-laws and a person with whom I have had the honor of spending time. She, amongst others, in following a higher calling, have entered the traditionally male-dominated world of Hindu ascetics. She is an embodiment of maternal and wisdom-filled love to all those who approach her. But unlike many other monks who are part of a larger sampradaya (tradition) or guru-shishya parampara (teacher-student lineage), she has tread a path of her own — inspiring, educating, and counseling thousands of souls along the way in a distinctly feminine way. ”

Mataji is one of 5 living female hindu saints documented in Daughters of the Goddess, The Women Saints of India authored by Linda Johnsen.  Read here

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A coincidence puts me at the right place at the right time

A zany series of “mishaps” this morning put me in the right place at the right time. I’d “accidentally” overshot the exit for Morgana Starr and had to double back. Had that delay not happened, I would not have been right behind a car that got a flat on I-95. I followed her off the road. I’d met her years before. I changed her tire. We chatted about coincidences. She booked an appointment with me for next week. When I got home, I saw her name on the calendar, names waiting for call time cancellations. Talk about coincidence.

Hermits Face Disruptions in Big Cypress Hideaway

Childhood friend Mike Gomez asked for some “cabin in the Everglades” pics from the past and I found an article from 1982. The Miami Herald thought my dad’s lifestyle was novel so they sent a reporter each year for an update on the hermit living in the Glades. Mike was like another brother as we were growing up and went on our adventures with us.   I saw this headline in Nassau. I had a 3 day weekend for President’s Day 1982 and decided to go on a cruise out of Miami to Nassau. I didn’t even consider that it was also Valentine’s Day weekend. The entire cruise was couples, with very few solo. The Greek crew members all paid special attention to the single women and it was quite a fiasco, since I like hanging out alone. I also got seasick for the first time ever, after having been on small boats my whole life. When I walked into Nassau first thing in the morning, I saw my father and his wife on the cover of the The Sunday Miami Herald when I’d not been prepared for the story. Here’s the article in pdf format >

If you think the only way you’ll be happy is related to dollars, you’ll keep dollars and happiness at arm’s length. When you can discover how to be happy without it, to be happy with what you have right now, dollars will come out of nowhere and rain down upon you.

How do you tell someone — ?

One scenario is one wants to seek a new partner but doesn’t know how to tell their current partner they want to split. Another is one is tired of giving a friend a ride everywhere and not getting gas money for it, but feels selfish bringing it up.  A Facebook friend said, “I really don’t understand why people can’t just tell me what they are thinking, how they are really feeling about something, what they think of me or about me, and be upfront with me than going behind my back or beating about the bush.”  I’ve experienced it this. Maybe one doesn’t want to hurt the other’s feelings by mentioning it, but it is far more hurtful to NOT say it. Maybe they don’t want to rock the boat or they think they are successfully hinting around enough that you’ll “get it.” They are not. Come right out and say in clear blunt language what the problem is and what a solution might be.

Benny the Cat loves to stay out in the cold

2-18-15 New Moon night, a black night sky and a chill 42 degrees overnight. Benny the Cat cried pitiously to be let out the back door last night about 9:00pm. He doesn’t like using the cat door, so he’ll stand and cry at the front or back doors until I open it. I didn’t like him being out in the cold all night, not knowing where he goes. I called outside for him several times but he didn’t come in until 3:45am. He was in eating for 5 minutes when I picked him up and his body temp was normal, so he’d been somewhere warm. He’s lucky he’s hungry!

2-19-15  Second coldest night, 40 degrees, and Benny was out again overnight and came in at 5:30am. Although it was 40 degrees outside, within five minutes his body temp was back to normal. Busted! I’ll bet he’s sleeping inside someone’s home! I’m thinking of making up a poster to hand to the neighbors so I can keep track of him.   Continue reading