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I am so blessed when friends pass along my words

whisperingI’m never upset when friends don’t understand what I’m trying to convey and cut me off.   I’m not for everyone. It’s not that I’m so insightful, I simply have a profound grasp of essential truth.  Not everyone vibes there. It’s always a blessing the times I’m initially mocked for something and then later realization sinks in and  someone is able to put it into practice and have an expanded life because of words I’ve spoken. And when they go on to repeat those words to help expand other lives and give others hope, I am blessed a thousand times over.  It matters not what their intention is, whether they even admit to ever having known me.  My intention is to be of value. It is my intention that directs my course. (And these words that changed my life when I got them from wherever I got them, it’s not like a word is ever mine.)
Awakening and Opening Eyes: The caterpillar is not dying

Beach Renovation Project at The Boardwalk

We got up before dawn this morning and took a drive to the boardwalk to watch the sun rise. They’ve got a beach project underway. As we sat drinking Starbucks, we got to look across a huge pipe and heavy equipment to the surf lapping at low tide. The one big machine looked like a sand sucker to me. Someone else thought it was a holding tank. I’ll investigate further.

Like animals? Appreciate a cat? You’ll attract a cat!

Benny the cat 12-15-13 computerA friend has been talking about getting a pet. Today they had a surprise visit from a young orange tabby tom who literally walked right up and meowed to be let in the door, climbed all over the computer then laid down on their chest as they reclined on the couch. Be careful what you speak about because it has attract-ion power!

In what area of life is Jupiter bringing you luck and good fortune?

Jupiter, planet of luck, generosity and benevolence, is in the sign of Cancer until July 16th, 2014.  Where Jupiter appears in your chart is where you will have expansion and be lucky. For me, it falls into my 4th house of home and family.  It’s been there since June 25, 2013. When I ran my future prediction astrology transit report, I could see it’s been right on the mark. This is why I like to do these reports, so I can see months ahead of time what’s coming up.  This is what the text reads for Jupiter in Cancer transitting my 4th house.  That means this is what I can expect to experience between June 16, 2013 and July 2104.  so far it’s been right on.  Let me know if you’d like me to do a report for you.  The report reads: Continue reading

You’ll get many more chances to do the right thing, only you prolong your pain

gift_handing copyWhen you’re given the chance to do the right thing, to right a wrong or correct an injustice and your pride keeps you from doing it, that’s okay. That just shows people who you are. You’ll get many more chances down the road. We all will.  Each of us determines how much of our karma plays out on our loved ones and for how long.

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I realize I may never have had a normal relationship before now

Facebook friend Janelle writes, “Someone got mad at me for saying that “their love looks and feels like mental illness.” I only said it because it was true. I know when someone wants to love me to the point of madness … drown me, blame me and make themselves a martyr … I’m not new at this… I want you to love YOU first… and then maybe I will allow you some romantic frivolity. But not a moment sooner. It seems the more mature I get, the less patience I have for those types of relationships. I find them insulting to my soul.” Her words made me realize I may have never had a healthy relationship. I was always flattered my guys acted obsessed with me. Now I’m seeing what a normal relationship is. It’s unfamiliar but it’s real. And it rocks.

I’m sure she’s just mistaken and isn’t lying on purpose

Pinocchio's nose grew whenever he lied

Pinocchio’s nose grew when he told a fib

“She’s at it again, saying you said things that you didn’t say.” 
“That’s ok.”
“Why is that ok?”
“She’s simply mistaken. Anyone who reads it sees that.”
“Why does she keep doing this to you?”
“She’s not doing anything to me. But it’s ok, this has nothing to do with me.”

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